"Female BBer Dies from Eating Too Much Protein"

Dramatic heading aside, the woman had a serious medical disorder that prevented her body from breaking down protein. I’ve heard that her parents are already crusading to vilify protein powders as the cause of her death (because we all know that the chicken, fish and Beef her daily diet was comprised off didn’t contain any protein).




Sad case to be sure. I can’t blame the parents for wanting to channel their grief into something but certainly can blame any cynical people that try and piggy back onto that crusade for profit.


The real question is why hasn’t the NHS detected her anomaly before, in 25 years? (because NHS sucks). She probably went to the doctor for that at least once feeling not too well. If she knew, she wouldn’t eat that much proteins, supplements or meat.

What is the point of treating what happened in any other light, to deviate the point from their health system that can’t do no wrong or for cheap entertainment content (with very bad taste)?

England is such a cucked to the core country, founder of multiculturalism.

Honestly makes me sad to see someone die stupidly like that and that the only thing they talk about is some absurd nonsense. Is it the fault of peanuts if doctors weren’t able to diagnose the allergy of someone?


Time to make whey protein a controlled substance.

I’m actually kinda glad that this isn’t getting more attention. I’d hate to see this become a click-bait item for mainstream news.