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Female BB, Steroids & Fake Boobs


Hey got a odd question...Started dating a female bb she has fake boobs as many do.. I notice her nips never get hard. Is that from juicing or bad boob job? My buddy says shes not horny enough but her downstairs parts are super wet so hes wrong...I think anyhow

Also does clen cause premeture Ejack or am I just a putz?


haha, sorry dude, never happened to me...


Dang well I guess nobody here ever messed with a fitness chick with fake tits... Im up shits creek once again


I've had a go on a few pairs of fake tits in my time, but can't really remember what the nipples were doing


Sounds like a man in disguise... casually search for the balls.


Have her take some ephedrine before you fuck that'll make nips hard. I know girl's most , especially girls who have nursed, get nothing out of titty play. Let alone a girl on hormones , kind of like my uralagist says , one fourth of guys get erections after prostate exam, me i feel cheap and violated.


Does she have any feeling in her nipples? if not then the surgery may have caused that.

However, hot bod, big fake tits, and a wet pussy and this is what you’re asking about? I think you should be thankful for a hot GF.


That was late AF Ive been bangin her for months


yeah sorry…got excited about fake boobs LOL

Good for you.


Haha thanks


Dude stop worrying. Not all woman react the same way, fake tits or not. As to premature ejack. That is nothing to worry about ether, she excites you one hell of a lot. That means don’t stop, give it 10 minutes and go again. It will not happen twice. In other words stop worrying and say thank god for this night. You have all night, if you don’t, your problem is that you are in a hurry. Find a women you are not paying by the hour, most woman love to spend the night


Oh this is an old post. I need to look at such things. I am sure you figured out everything I said on your own by now


Haha thanks Verne :slight_smile: