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Female Athlete - Wanna Start Changing!


Hi, I am a Division I volleyball player and I am trying to get the body of a figure athlete. Someone I have met recently has gotten me really into this and I am hooked. My whole life I have been playing sports and as I am now competing at a Division I level I am in good athletic condition, and am aware of how much work this is going to require.

However, I am just trying to figure out where/how to get started. the attached picture is very similar to that of where I am trying to get to. If any of you can help me get started and such that'd be great.


head over to http://www.figureathlete.com. You must send me pictures also for proper evaluation of genetics and what is achievable. Bikini wear is acceptable, yet thongs are reccommended. I'll waive the usual fee of 50 dollars, since I'm a nice guy and all.


scumbag, All of us real evaluators cost $100+ per picture. But I give a free exam to all first timers. Thong mandatory.


welcome to T-Nation saws! I'm happy to hear we've hooked another on the addiction of BB! I hope you achieve every aspiration you have and good luck on your journey. You've come to the right place for help, just keep researching and asking questions and the people here will take care of ya!


Welcome to T-Nation esaws11! Glad to have you aboard.