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Female Athlete Q&A


Hey there, I am really looking for some solid guidance to compete in figure I did a year ago did it all on my own didn’t come in looking great at all… but I want to turn heads I know I can! I am 6 foot and have a massive back.

My biggest thing is I trained one time got all messed up with the low calories ect I want to be able to maintain this life style have cheat meals and get back on track and that’s what I need is to have a real meal plan none of these lower calorie ones so you have a messed up metabolism…


Greetings, I’d be really thankful if you could take a look at my thread and give me some advice, either in a post or a private message. Thank you!


Hi Bron,

Was browsing through the forum and discovered this thread, which is really great! Is it still active, as I’d love to get some advice from you on my diet?


Hi sxmislandgirl!

Yes it’s still active - feel free to ask me questions here :smile:

I’d be happy to help with any questions you have about training or nutrition.


Hi Bronwen! My name is Josie I’m a 37yo mother of 2. I’m not new to fitness but after my last baby I had a really hard time losing the weight and kind of gave up for a while. I gained weight super fast and went from 180 to 250 in less than 6 months. I wasn’t training during this time, not eating the best but definitely not enough to gain that much weight. Anyways, the doctor brushed it off to me being lazy, told me to go low carb and sent me on my way. I eventually went gluten free and lost 20 lbs. I’ve been lifting weights again for the last 6 months. First with a program that focused on using the big 4 exercises then I completed the Jim Stompanni Sortcut to shred. It was hard and my body fat went from 42 to 40% but my weight stayed the same. I was doing a low carb diet in August/september but found I lost alot of strength and had no energy so added rice/oats and some fruit back into my diet. While doing the shred I was at 1900 cal but didnt lose so when it finished I went to 1550. 116carb/51fat/154 protien. I haven’t consistently incorporated cardio since lowering my cal but have been completing 3 full body workouts per week. I’m still at 230 :frowning: Saturday I started the 531 program with shoulders. I guess my question is…where should my calories be and how many cardio sessions should I be doing per week.


Hi! Sorry about the late reply.

I would try lowering the fat a little bit and probably increasing the carbs on training days. On off days you don’t need to have your carbs as high because your body doesn’t require as much “fuel” on this those days.

It’s tough to say without knowing you well to give you any exact macros for dieting as I am not familiar with how your body responds to different food types and amounts. One suggesting I will say is to be careful with your carb timing. Pre, Intra and post workout are generally the best times for you to be consuming the majority of your daily carbs.

The doctors recommendation to just simply cut out carbs isn’t a solution. It’s not a diet that’s sustainable… you’re better off making small changes in dietary habits over time and it becomes a lifestyle change instead of a crash diet.

If your body is sensitive to carbs and doesn’t respond well to them you could try a supplement like Indigo3g. It will allow you to consume more carbs in the day and help with your body comp. goals.

Good luck with your progress. I hope you are having a great beginning to 2017


Thanks Bronwen! I reassessed my calories and have broight down the fat. I’ve added in almost daily cardio and am seeing results. I’ve uploaded my pics from the last three weeks.

Thank you for reaponding!!


Great job! Keep up the good work… consistency is important and the results will come :slight_smile:


Hi Bron,

I am currently looking or a prep coach for a contest in the fall. I’ve been working with a trainer since January but she isn’t able to train me anymore because she doesn’t have quite the knowledge of contest prep I am looking for. I was wondering if we could talk about tips for finding a coach and questions to ask coaches to determine if they are a good fit. Also, generally what to expect price wise for a prep coach.