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Female Anavar - Weight Gain?

A female friend approached me months ago inquiring about a cycle to improve body composition. She is in her mid 30s, 5-8 / currently 135lbs, and has an excellent foundation in diet and exercise (daily cardio, crossfit, etc), though she has slipped in the last year or so leading to high bodyfat (25-26%).

After doing a significant amount of research on her behalf, ensuring that she did her own independent research, and explaining all the associated risks, I advised her to start a very conservative 5mg per day Anavar cycle. In conjunction with the var, she is on an aggressive (high protien + low carb + healthy fats) diet plan of 800-900 kcals per day.

Five days into the cycle, she is starting to get concerned that despite her strict diet, managed sodium intake, and daily cardio, she is actually starting to gain weight. More specifically, on day 4 and 5, she actually gained 1/2 a pound on each day despite no changes in any of the variables (exercise, diet, sleep, etc). Prior to this, she was consistently LOSING 1/2 pound a day…

I understand the whole “look at the mirror, not at the scale” logic and fact that muscle weighs more than fat, but I am pretty sure that she is too early in the process for significant re-composition to occur?

Also, as a male in my early 40s, I know that every time I start a cycle, I see an immediate increase in weight (despite maintenance calories) that I have always attributed to water being held in my muscles, as I see a corresponding “fullness” in physique.

Thoughts on the weight gain?

Also, she is complaining of dry mouth / cottonmouth. I don’t see this as a typical side effect?

Your anavar you got her or she got is probably dbol

There is no reason with what you described bar would cause that much weight gain so quick

You shouldn’t have done this. If you had done research you would know anavar is the last thing somone like her should be taking. That’s not the purpose of the drug it’s not a diet pill.

So now when your female friends fucks her self up you are part to blame congratulations


I second what Zeek said. Unless your source for the anavar is absolutely bulletproof then your girl is taking dbol.

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Thanks for taking the time to respond…

Zeek - you said “that much weight gain”… I just want to make sure that everyone understands that we are talking about 1 pound - she has a total net loss of weight since starting five days ago.

Iron Yuppie - I think the only time a source would be “bulletproof” is if you purchased it from a US pharmacy, but this product came from one of the top three most popular UGLs on the grey market, and was independently tested by that unbiased 3rd party testing site (not sure if I can mention the name). Furthermore, this lab has had over a dozen products tested, and all came back as legit (albiet with the normal small variations in over/under dosing). They have a pretty sterling reputation. Finally, I have never heard of a single instance in modern times where Anavar was faked with another product, and virtually everybody has access to at home testing as well as internet resources. I too have read all the stories about var being faked and substituted with winny or dbol, but I’ve never seen a single instance of this being backed up with actual evidence or testing.

I dunno, I’m certainly open to the possibility, but it just doesn’t stand to reason. If a giant UGL was substituting oxandrolone with dianbol, men would receive this product, run it at (up to) 100mg per day (based on the product label) for a cutting cycle, blow the fuck up with water retention, get gyno, and immediately expose the lab in question. Once the word got out, the losses would far exceed the benefits of faking the product.

Am I missing something?

If it’s a quality lab then she has nothing to worry about. Well, not nothing, but very very little. If that’s the case then the weight gain is unrelated and I don’t have anything useful to add to the conversation.

Let’s assume the var is real.

You completely ignored the more important part of my response.

Var is not a weight loss drug it is in no way shape or form a diet pill. It is an anabolic steroid.

This lady friend gained weight because she got sloppy with her diet and training. The answer is not anabolic steroids to fix this.

You should tell her to stop immediately. Tell her upon further research she would benefit wayyyy more from using an ECA stack for fat loss.

Not only will you be saving her from potential harm but you will also be correct in the new Info your giving her and she will see much better results and be very appreciative.

I don’t think a pound is unreasonable for weight gain for a woman on what I assume is her first cycle of AAS. Not even that quickly. She’ll surely gain a few more if she stays on it.

I hear you zeek, but her goal is not EXCLUSIVELY weight loss. She is more interested in recomposition, as she has lost significant muscle mass while replacing it with bodyfat.

So creating an environment that facilitates fat burning, muscle growth via increased nitrogen retention and protein synthesis, increase rbc for better workouts/stamina, etc etc will accelerate and help her leverage the hard work she is already doing in the gym and with her diet.

Am I wrong?

Yes in my Opinion you are.

Females should not use AAS as recreational gym users there is just too many risk involved. They don’t work the same way on females as they do us.

I understand her goal and that’s %100 attainable with simply first losing the fat then building the muscle or just simply proper diet and training.

Its not hard for a female to lose fat and tone/build muscle with proper diet and training especially for someone like her who was already there and just lost it. Now it might not happen in 3 months like she wants it might take a while year the same amount of time it took her to fall off and get chubby. But that’s life, risking all the potential negatives that come with aas use in females to get there in a quarter of the time is not a good idea and I would never advise a female to do that.

Even clen I think has some muscle saving property. Have her use clen and train hard. Anything is better then aas use. But this is just my opinion I’m not a steroid guru or a voice for all im just throwing out some stuff to think about.