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Femal Athlete Q&A

Hi Bron! Thank you for your posts. I am struggling to get it together. I’m in my early 5th decade, 5’3 and weigh 155 lbs. My bodyfat is approx 34% as per the hand held device. I have been training with little to no results since May of this year. I am coming back from injuries 18 months ago and now have chronic knee pain which I am being trated for. Anyway, I have a backgound in powerlifting (collegiate All-American) and after graduating I just lifted for my own satisfaction.

Now I am really serious about competing and can’t seem to get in competition shape. I am trying to incorporate a healthy diet of at least 13-1400 calories a day. I am increasing my water intake to at least a gallon a day. I train with weights 5 times a week and do cardio 5x a week as well. I was doing HIIT 3-5 days a week but I have stopped due to the knee pain, so I walk on an incline and adjust the pace from 3.5-4mph. And monitor my heart rate.

As far as diet, I am working on putting together up to 75-155 grams protein/54-77grams fat/75grams carbs and 20-25 grams fiber a day (as per some other articles about macros). I don’t usually have an appetite so getting all this food in me is going to take work. I’ve been reading about the supplements like Indigo-3G, but I have yet to read on the others you have suggested. As far as supplements, I have been taking BCAA’s, green tea, an Elite Training Pack by Precision Engineered Series. I have been using a casein protein powder and add L-carnitine, glutamine and 1/2 cup of berriesand 1 tbsp of coconut manna (for taste).

I am stronger, but I am not losing any weight and don’t notice any significant muscle gain. Even my husband says I haven’t lost weight (but he likes my shape).

So if you have any suggestions, please help. Thank you !