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Felt Stressed/Anxious for No Reason

Hi Ct, something happen and i dont know how to explain it and how it happen. Maybe you will be able to put a word on it with your background and experience.

I was feeling good, really good, training was good, 4 days a week, more volume but not too much. I slept like a baby, libido was good. well everything was fine. But Monday night, i dont know why, after taking My ZMA how countain some taurine ( i take it everynight ) i started to feel stress, really stress like what the fuck was happening. I became stress and anxious for no reason, my sleep is bad, its like if i had no hormone to boost my sleep i dont feel tired, and when i finaly fall a sleep, i wake up 4-5 hours later and i feel ready for the day and im not able to fall a sleep again im like stress from the inside ( wtf ). My libido and my mood suck too.

What happen ? thanks for your help, have a great day sir :slight_smile:

Way too much information missing here. And it sounds more like a medical question than something an online weight lifting coach (no matter how good he is) should be answering.

Could be something as simple as anxiety /panic attack or you could have had a heart rhythm issue.

true, but it’s strange it last for 3 days and then it came back to normal. it was like i was anxious and wasn’t able to calm down but for no reason. well, what do you think is missing ?

An evaluation from a medical Doctor.

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How long have you been taking ZMA?

I’m not gonna give you any medical advice but one thing I can tell is taurine is neurological activator. Taking it before before bed, or even in the evening, will make it hard to rest, sleep and keep a calm mind. It is a really weird ingredient to use put in a ZMA formulation.

Why not use Biotest’s ZMA formulation?

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Hi CT.
I’m a little confused on this one as you mentioned in a handful of podcasts that taurine is a neurological balancer, which is why they put it in energy drinks, so if your up it brings you down and vice versa.
It is also suggested as one of the supplements for the Neurotype 1b nutrition at post workout and pre bed, as serotonin work on Gaba neurotransmitter inhibitor.
So to me it appeared as taurine would be something you suggest at night, which is why this last statement of taurine being a neurological activator confuses me.
Could you explain please?

Thank you for your help Coach.

How sorry, I misread. I thought that I read tyrosine… my bad

Ah that makes sense, thank you Coach.

Few month, but its not the first time it does this after i take it, but its the first time it hit that hard !

Which ZMA are you using?

ZM-x from xpn , 3 caps

Hmm. Seems like all normal stuff. My guess is that you’re over-stressing your nervous system. This in combination with any other life stress. Sounds like typical symptoms of anxiety/panic.

Hey biggie, what you describe above is the exact same type of anxiety episode I’ve had for most of my life. Things pile up and your body can absolutely freak out when they hit their breaking point. Usually I take note of what’s going on around me at the time I have an episode and then I avoid/remedy them. Glad you were able to get better decently quick!