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Felt Nothing on Cycle, Still Need PCT?


What if I complete a 4-week cycle of prohormones but I notice no change at all in power and body composition, do I still need to do a PCT or can I start a new cycle?

In more detail:
I’ve been weight training & using supplements for 12 years so I know when something different is happening to me. I’ve been taking 5 capsules of AMS 4-AD & DecaVol for 2 weeks (maximum dose is 6 capsules) and I have not yet experienced any change in strength or body composition.
So, I’m thinking whether I should do a PCT (with Arom-X) or maybe I can start a 4-week cycle of Halodrol & Propadrol.

Disclaimer: Different products work for different people so I’m not claiming that AMS products are no good.

Hmm… well, IME (and i used the ‘real’ PH’s of a few years ago - and while they worked, 200x5mg dbol were significanly cheaper and more effective at the same time…) PH’s are not great at all… the gains one can expect are minimal, and in my personal experience and opinion, not worth the suppression.

However, more in topic of your question - while i dont know the exact dosages of the supp you have used, i do know that most of the PH’s (etc.) are massively under dosed in their recommendation. This is to keep sides to a minimum - but also keeps gains to a minimum. The cost for the actual amount needed for a ‘proper’ cycle is significantly higher than the ~$60 for one ‘month supply’ bottle!

What active chemicals are actually in Decavol and 4-AD?
I would like to point out that 2 weeks is not long for changes of the kind you are expecting, and i personally can use Anadrol-50 or Methandrostenolone and not get much in 2 weeks mate. I get the best from dbol after 3-4 weeks personally… fyi.

Hopefully someone more educated on the PH’s will tell you the lowdown on the one you used, but i personally think you may be expecting too much.