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Felt Like Sharing this (Warning: Rant Ahead)


Good Point.
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Wow....I remember when my cousins bought that album. I was like, "Wow. These guys are totally gay." But, they were popular as hell, and I'm sure not gonna blame them for makin a buck and scoring loads of hot women.

And to think....I survived 80's hair metal / glam and I'm still heterosexual.

Androgynous looking singers have been around for decades. They aren't going to erode "manliness" or anything else. Who cares if Beiber looks gay? He isn't hurting anything, and in a couple of years he'll be forgotten about, just like all the rest of them.


Exactly. Since when do kids look to singers/bands for icons of masculinity anyways? Shit, back in the early/mid 90s I used to drag myself around in ripped jeans and the flannel shirt and the whole depressed grunge thing, but I never blew my brains out. I listen to Prince, but I'm not going to be putting on crotchless pantyhose and eyeliner to go cavorting around town with a bunch of ass-pirates anytime soon (Halloween, maybe).

I think kids look to their own fathers for positive reinforcements of what it is to be masculine. All this worrying about what sort of influence Bieber or Efron or Timberlake or whatever is so pointless and unmasculine. It's a scream for attention, to an extent.

People see what they feel are negative images being reinforced as positive and they go nuts. Because in their own minds, they are at least somewhat representative of this "better ideal" (in this case the "masculine" man) and so they want to hear that what THEY are is what society should strive to be. When society does not reflect this sentiment, people like the OP flip the fuck out because it represents some sort of society-wide rejection in their eyes, not only of who they are, but of who they WANT to be. For people with low self-esteem and large egos, it cna be a crushing blow to the psyche to learn that there are a lot of people out there who are into people/things that you may never be into or be like.


DB Cooper makes a valid point. Although I was more of a Kiss fan back in the day, my father made me take down all the pics I had in my room of those "fags in make-up". However, he did encourage me to listen to Donny Osmond and David Cassidy, because they are so less gay.


Here she is, kicking your former 15 year old ass ( :


BAHH!! Nice one dianab :slightly_smiling: