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Felt Like Sharing this (Warning: Rant Ahead)


Ok guys, I don't post here that often and generally let stuff that's being pushed by the media slide on past. But when I saw this posted on Facebook, I knew I had to send it over here and get some input.


Now, to be perfectly honest, I have had very limited exposure to this kid's music. I've never sat and listened to a song of his and never seen him perform. I'm sure he has some talent or the music execs wouldn't have bothered picking him up. All I know is that every tween & teen this side of Mississippi knows who he is and idolizes him. I personally don't (or didn't) have any beef with him. If he wants to push this candy pop, tiger beat image and make a ton of cash from it, go for it. The boy bands did it back in my teenage years and, hey, I even listened to their stuff at that time in my life because that's what I was exposed to. But I don't remember the Backstreet Boys and NSYNC going this far.

Now, I also want to point out that I have no problem with guys that wanna rock some nail polish. If that's your scene and you can gain the respect of the strong men around you, then so be it. One of the baddest dudes on the planet, Chuck Liddell, has been shown painting his toenails. Did I lose any respect for him because of that? Hell no! That guy is a legend in his sport and is truly one of the greatest competitors of all time. I'm also sure most of us can recall seeing the hair bands of the 80's showing up on stage with eyeliner, painted nails, and the super hair. And ya know what? They still rocked! Hell, KISS made a career on makeup and accessories. Obviously, there are numerous examples of men throwing on color and still maintaining their masculinity.

The problem I have is this: This kid is effecting the lives of the youth he comes in contact with and setting a "soft" example. Is he a good kid? I guess so. That's the image he portrays and he's been successful with it. But, I'm sure most of y'all will agree, the youth of today don't have many strong, masculine images to look up to and emulate that are as prevalent in the media. They have social icons like this kid and it kinda pisses me off because, more and more, I see the media just confusing what masculinity should be. They use kids like this, who are just pawns to what the "powers that be" instruct them to do. Again, I have no problem with this kid directly. What does tick me off is the fact that he, or perhaps his parents, aren't helping to set a strong example for those young boys that look up to him. In turn, most of these boys, without any strong masculine figure to guide them, can become confused socially & mentally. They wear his clothes, style their hair like him, and rock his nail polish. Some of them, I'm sure, pull some tail and stay atop the social ladder in their scene. But for the majority, I'd bet that they are mocked and berated for it, thus becoming more social outcast and having it linger into their adult lives.

I know, I know. Chill out. Not all of the teen population looks up to him and his impact isn't going to be THAT great in the world. This kid's career will last about as long as a fart lingers in the air, but it still gives ya a bad taste in your mouth for that duration of time. I know I've jumped into a serious rant over one little article, but it just got to me. I had to air this out and wanted to get some perspective from some strong minded individuals. Thoughts please.


I didn't read any of this but I saw something about Justin Bieber in the link and there's already a Bieber thread on T-Nation.


um why do you think they are trying to sell it to men? I read the colors listed and It looks like they're selling it to girls. OP is a very high end very expensive nail polish brand mostly sold in beauty supplies and used in nail salons.

Girls are the consumers of this boy's product.


I didn't read anything but your last paragraph and the first couple sentences of that article. All I know is that the kid is young and someone saw him on youtube and offered him a great opportunity. Who the fuck would say no to being loved by young girls everywhere and fame and fortune at his age, and he obviously likes singing cause he was doing it on youtube when he was "discovered" so hes probably doing something he enjoys. More than I can say about most people.

If your angered by the whole nail-polish thing, I ask you this: do you really think this was his idea? Probably the majority of the decisions of his "career" are not made by him. Someone probably pitched the idea to his agents and they agreed. Honestly, its probably going to be pretty profitable. I am saying all this having never heard a single one of his songs. I just think its dumb to hate on someone for doing what they like, no matter how gay it may seem to you. And yes, everything about that kid screams gay. My two pennies.


OPI line One Less Lonely Girl sold exclusively at Wal-Mart, guess they are changing their market?


that is what I was gonna say!
Capitalism and exploitation, that's how things get done.

FWIW, my kid is 15, herself and her friends could care less about this guy. His influence isn't all that wide reaching.


Apperantly not you brah


Canada doesn't count because they have a healthy outlook on life, the world, and themselves. :slight_smile:


cigar man approves of this thread


Holy shit. Please stop perpetuating your socially gendered bullshit. Masculine? Strong? Are you a socially constructed drone? A person is a person. Why bring in masculinity and femininity? That's so lame and primitive.


you heart the Bieb doncha


Those are definitely NOT colors I will be getting when I go back to having acrylic nails.....


oh dear lord thats it.
what is this world coming to.


This thread can only be saved by a pic of your 15yr old daughter and her friends.


i wouldnt be suprised if beiber didnt like this idea, who the heck wants their face on makeup?


Doesn't Bieber's head remind you of a Q-Tip? If a whale at Sea World ever got an obstruction in its blow-hole, someone could just grab Bieber by his ankles and lower him in there, problem solved.




Obviously I meant at his age, "brah"


I sense much HOTNESS in your bangs/shoulder combo.... Please continue


This thread is so not alpha.

Who gives a fuck if there's some sort of alleged widespread conspiracy to placate and domesticize the concept of the "masculine" man? Do you think the alpha silverback gorillas ever wander around the jungle saying, "gee, it sure is too bad that there aren't as many alpha males around here to compete with like there used to be"? Of course not. They're too busy taking care of shit that alphas take care of to be bothered with insignificant shit like what's happening to the Alpha Male silverback gorilla population in sub-Saharan Africa.

I just don't get it. What's with this pervasive attitude on this site that there's some massive movement to exterminate the "masculine" man? I don't see it happening to nearly the same extent that others see it. Justin Bieber? Who cares? Zac Efron? Who the fuck is he? Emo music? So what, no different than any hippie shit from the 60s or hair rock from the 80s. I think most of the people who bitch and moan on this site about this epidemic loss of manliness have no clue what masculinity really is, beyond purely superficial levels.

So, why this attitude? Why do people show concern for this and how does it affect their daily lives in a significant way. Getting you out of your comfort zone does not count. I mean tangible shit.