Felt Great When I Started, Where Did That Go?

In one of the stickies, Ksman referenced the above statement and followed it with neural transmitters rule your life. That pretty much describes me. Despite searching the site, I have not found any additional info on neural transmitters or how I can get back on track.

As a backdrop, I have been on TRT about 8 years. I self inject using the protocol here. Over the past year my E2 was too low (7) so my doc cut the dose in half and it moved up to 42. Now I’m trying .75 mg per week and getting more frequent labs to try to dial it in.

Most people would kill to have my lab numbers but in many ways I feel like I did before I started TRT - low libido, not much energy, it seems like I laugh on a semi-annual basis. Don’t feel much joy in my life yet I am incredibly blessed.

I could be wrong but it seemed like Ksman went through something similar many years ago but I can’t recall the specifics. Any help or direction is appreciated

E2=42 is enough to create a lot of major problems.

You had E2=7 or E2<7? If the latter, you don’t know what it was.

Not enough info hear to suggest dosing. What exactly is your protocol?

Get E2 near 22pg/ml
Make sure that thyroid is OK, see the thyroid basics sticky and check body temperatures.
Once TT, FT, E2 are good and thyroid function is good and if you still feel depressed, you could try Wellbutrin, which does not have SSRI sides.

Read the advice for new guys sticky and see if anything there fits. Post all lab work and more info, age weight, waist, diet, medications, medical issues, mood, sleep patterns, stress …