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Felt Good

Tore some skin off my palms deadlifting today… i’m used to that.

But some how i tore the skin on the outside of my right middle finger… its a cute lil’ cut… it looks like i was gripping so hard that the skin stretched and then ripped.

Pretty cool. I didn’t notice till my set of 20 was done. :smiley:

Who 'dat?

I for one nominate Xen for poster of the week. Come on who else has posted a pic of Lucia?

As for your skin…I hate that. I finish my workout and then all of a sudden I find out that I got cut on something. Stupid sharp barbells :slight_smile:

Yea…I had surgery a couple years ago on my leg so my shin is numb. Every time I do deads I gash myself and don’t even notice till I’m done.

20 rep deadlifts rule. I can’t imagine doing any other main movement for my legs.