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Felt Bad After Shot. Is This Normal?

Hello. New to TRT. Was prescribed 200mg/every 2 weeks, for 6 weeks, with a follow-up right after with labs. I know this is a bad protocol from what I’ve read, but keep reading.

I just injected my last 200mg yesterday of this cycle, woke up this morning, feel absolutely fatigued. After the first shot, I felt amazing for a week. Second shot, I was good for a day then gradual decline. This last shot, just started feeling horrible immediately with no benefit.

What’s the deal? What’s the scoop? What could it be? Why aren’t I feeling better (at least for a day) after I inject?

You are out of the honeymoon period and you are shut down and relying entirely on exogenous Test. Id suggest at the very least change it up to 100mg every 7 days. Fourteen days in between is a big hormonal roller coaster.

Ok, but assuming I did that, how do you explain not even feeling good after I just injected 200mg?

Its still releasing into your system and you T is climbing as we speak. You will probably feel better tomorrow as your saturation increases.

Look here. Keep in mind that before these six week you were still producing some test so you were NEVER getting this low. The bottom line is number of days.

Ok, so assuming I take 100mg per week, wouldn’t that cut the graph height (y axis) in half? Even assuming that, the spike shown in the graph, I only felt that on the first shot. Amazing graph btw, where’d you find that? And thank you!

It would cut both highs and lows but not really in half (steroidcalc.com) :

my biggest mistake in 10 years of my own TRT protocol, if i felt bad for 1 or 2 days, i was already thinking on what to change next shot…give it time and dont expect miracles.
but 200mg every 2 weeks??? this will never work and my last years i did just that…to much time between the next shot…maybe your first step would be to post your blood results, folks here are verry helpfull and full with knowledge, so depending on what your blood says, you can start making a plan…but even then it could take up to a year before you find youre sweet spot…depending on how your body reacts offcourse.
READ the sticky’s, READ other topics, they are full of info that could share some light on your situation. It took me 10 years before i found out that low T wasn’t my real problem, but rather high SHBG…and with all the info you find here…

These infrequent TRT protocols rarely show good results and create estrogen dominance in the second week, the half life of Test cyp is 7-8 days so every 2 week injections makes no sense.

Also receptor sensitivity plays a huge role in how fast you respond to TRT and if SHBG is low, I don’t expect weekly shots to work well at all. I know for certain based on your outdated protocol there is no way your doctor is doing things right.

Usually when a guy starts TRT with incompetent doctors who have no clue what they are doing usually end up here wondering why they are seeing no benefit or may even see an increase in symptoms, it’s very common for doctors to set men up for failure since most doctors are clueless in the field of TRT.

You have to order the right lab testing and based off the results then move forward with the appropriate protocol. If only medical school taught doctors how to do TRT rather than leave them holding the bag and trying to figure it out on their own.

If your pre-TRT estrogen levels are high and/or SHBG is low, weekly injections is setting you up for failure and multiple injections per week may very well be needed.

What is SHBG and what does it do? How does it show up on a test?

Thanks man. How do you know whether the answer to optimal results is the frequency of the shot or the amount of T injected?

Btw, how do I find a local TRT specialist? I live in Austin, TX.

Sorry, forgot to question about Estrogen. Does increasing testosterone increase Estrogen as well? How do you combat increasing Estrogen? What does increased Estrogen feel like?

SHBG binds testosterone and estrogen, so without testing it we know less how your body holds onto sex hormones. A lower value would see excess free hormones and a high value would see low free hormones and higher unbound hormones.

Free hormones is the portion that is free and circulating in the blood and when elevated can cause lots of problems, basically your receptors are overwhelmed with androgens which can cause all sorts of psychological and physical symptoms.

Too much or too little androgens can be problematic.

Contact Empower pharmacy and see if they have a list of TRT specialists in your area.

estrogen should increase with test, to an extent. It is not linear and varies by individual.