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Felon Fights


Not for the weak of heart. But is a badass fight.


Fat guy fell on his head at one point, then it all went downhill for him.


Hell the fuck yeah, I feel like fighting now.


Pretty good fight.

All of the videos of "felony fights" that I've seen ended brutally. By that I mean that the winner could've let up sooner.

They're gonna keep having those fights until somebody dies.


eh, I don't think that needs a "not for the weak of heart" warning at all.

2 willing dumbasses fighting in a drainage ditch for a lame video series. I find that entertaining, not disturbing.

It's the violent beatings and the such against innocent/defenseless people that are sometimes posted on here that I wish weren't posted at all...


Fairly weak in my opinion. Once you've seen footage of people getting their heads sawed off with a kitchen knife everything else is G rated.


"This video has been removed due to terms of use violation."


I hear you. But its that "knee to the eye" move...that goes on for like a minute longer than it should that I put that about.


I can't believe you actually watched that shit that goes around, i saw one once, nearly puked and was disturbed for at least an hour or two.