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Fellow Fatties: Sympathy for Hardgainers?


I have to admit, I oscilllate between feeling NO sorrow for some lucky bastard who can chomp his way through six chocolate bars, on top of his daily calorific surplus of 1000, and still bitch and moan, "But I'm not gaining!" while my gut jiggles as I walk the street...

and thanking my lucky stars I'm not one of those poor bastards who finds eating a nightmare, trains like a coked-up Gorilla after 10 cans of Red Bull, and sleeps for 10 hours a night yet is only about 12 stones or so, and stuck there.

But I'll say one thing - the skinny camp have a LOT more help, sympathy etc from the Bodybuilding community at large, as most websites are roid driven/financed, and the guys buying are usually hard gainers. Not nearly as much money to be made selling thermogenics or whatever.

Sorry if this is an old can of worms that I just busted open again, but I'd love to know how my fellow dieters feel about the other extreme.

Same question to hard-gainers about us, too.


most people dont really have sympathy for fat people because it is their own damn fault (99% of the time)

watch what you eat and exercise... you wont be a fattie


I hold no sympathy for either body type. You are what you make of yourself. Can't gain weight? Stop being a bitch. Can't lose weight? Stop being a bitch.

And how in the world do you know that most sites are "roid" driven? Profit margins on thermogenics are actually quite good, though not as good as vitamins/herbs. For the record most bodybuilding sites are supported through ADVERTISING.


It usually hurts like hell the first time, but eventually the bleeding stops, callouses form, and it becomes more enjoyable over time with practice.


^^ Try using lube, that should make things more enjoyable...you were talking about masturbation right?


no!!!! i was talking about what to expect your first week in prison.


Gregron and LiquidMercury, you guys are fucking delusional and ignorant if you really believe that that is the case 100% of the time. And just goes to show you guys were probably not people who had issues with gaining weight when growing up, thus indicating you are talking completely out of your asses.


Are you a hard gainer, or hard loser?


Damn Shugart and his training lab.


fixed. (sorry its a slow day at work)


If Arrested Development has taught me anything, the first week of prison is much like Pledge Week in University. Different gangs all courting you to join their group.


There's no such thing as hardgainers.

It's a label skinny guys put on themselves when they hit a wall after newbie gains.

It's undereating, plain and simple. I thought I was a hardgainer, then I started eating like I meant it.


Or I'm an unsympathetic bastard. Fact is 99% of the time, barring major disease/condition or 3rd world poverty, it is directly due to people making excuses. I hold no sympathy to those that make excuses for the way they are yet want to be different. If someone has a legitimate reason for not being able to gain/lose weight such as I mentioned above then they have my most sincere sympathy and I hope they can handle it. Otherwise they're just being a bitch and not doing what it takes. We all have personal issues, time restrictions, yet here the majority of us on this site, or at least some, have made the decision to do what it takes to get results, to put the hard work in, learn what we can, and adjust to the hardships of life.

@Jaybee - hard loser. Just lost 29 lbs eating ridiculously clean, doing a helluva lot more cardio than I ever wanted to do and it all sucked but hey I'm happy with the results so can't complain about that.


Then congratulations on a job well done, my good man, I hope you enjoy all the benefits your new look bestows upon you with relish!

Though a simple, "I'm an unsympathetic, hard loser, ex-fatty bastard" would have sufficed. :slight_smile:


I think it's a bit of both. I do believe there are people who have harder time gaining/losing weight than others based on genetics. I'm one of those people that isn't really a huge fan of all of the overeating I have to put myself through. Sometimes its good but more often than not I'm stuffed and sick of eating all the time. However I don't want peoples sympathy, all I want is some respect from people. So many times people see me putting food away yet then when they notice i'm getting bigger they come up with some kind of excuse as to why i'm gaining and their not.


I used to be fat, pretty damn fat actually...

I used to blame it on my build, or that I played football. But when football was done, what could I blame it on then? Bottom line, if you want a certain physique, it will take work to get it and keep it. Unless you have a diagnosed medical issue, you need to get off your ass and make it happen. I have seen and heard alot from people. I have worked with some pretty f'd up people, and found that when you clean up your diet and exercise, it's like OMG... the shit actually works! Sympathy? No. Pity? Maybe. There is a guy at my gym with a prosthetic leg, he was in the Middle East and lost his leg. I help boost him up to the pull up bar so he can do pullups and chinups. Ask him if he has sympathy? When I feel sorry for myself at certain times, I look at that guy, and check myself.


I miss my bloat. And yes it would of sufficed but I at least like to give reasoning behind my thoughts. In my opinion and this isn't just about gaining/losing weight but in all walks of life, is that most people are not willing to do what it takes to get great results at anything. People are okay with mediocre and average. I say fuck mediocre.


I think there's always room for a bit of understanding of someone else's struggle, whatever that may be. You can't really accurately judge someone's struggle until you fully understand what it entails, which is pretty much impossible without swapping lives.


Hmmmmm. I largely agree, but in the spirit of detail as you mentioned, I subdivide the underachievers between those whose current situations are too comfortable/not painful enough, and those who, at some level, put in the work but sabotage it at some level. There is a small overlap.

I myself openly admit to being in BOTH of those groups as I sacrificed much training for my career (and would do so again); that was my choice in life. Even now I only just kicked up from 120gms to 300ms of protein, only just cleaned up my diet. Only just cut out chugging down 5-6 beers EVERY weekend night.

All of those are residuals of the two decades I dedicated to my careeer; the irony is that I found it easier to put the sweat in at the gym than to research a good diet. And I'm coming into a boatload of cash next year, so the career, as educational as it was, could have been replaced with time researching my diet.

There you have it. But I DO feel sorry for scrawny guys who can't stomach that 6th load of chicken.


Building muscle is hard. Losing fat is hard. Harden the fuck up.