Fell on Shoulder During MMA Training

Hi guys,

I’ve been doing powertraining for 10+ years and recently started doing some thaibox and MMA (only training no competition). I’m 6f and now around 232lbs.

During training last monday I fell hard on my right shoulder. I instantly felt pain and loss of strength, a numb feeling that went away. I stopped training, got home, iced it, rubbed some Voltaren Gel on it and took some anti inflammation pills. The day after I could barely lift my arm without pain.

Now 6 days later it’s getting better, but I can still feel pain with certain movements.

I have experienced rotator cuff injuries in the past, and while these cause a pain “inside” the shoulder, the pain I feel now is at the front, kinda on top and were the shoulder “tear” meets the bicep.

Yesterday I went for a light workout and noticed:

Flet bench goes without too much pain (incline not)
Overhead movements are simply out of question
Back training went normal (pullups but not with full extension, seated row etc)
Bicep/tricep work is very painful, when holding a dumbell I can feel a lot of pain at the front of the delt when I lift it. Same with e.g. tricep pulldown at the cable machine.

I feel very bad about this. I was in the best form ever (always had issues get lean, but it was going well) and now this shit.

After a week of almost no training I feel weak, soft and smaller (all in the head I know).


  1. Any ideas about the injury? Is it shoulder, or bicep tendon?
  2. should I start doing very light overhead movements with girly weights or is this a bad idea? I can’t imagine complete rest for months…
  3. how long until I really start losing muscle? I’ve read some about atrophy, but i’d like to hear your opinions.