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Fell Into HGH Kits, Best Way to Run Them?

Long story short, I have a wealthy brother who spends money on stupid shit and then never uses it, so I found myself with 3 growth kits.

I’m 32, lifting seriously for 6 years, on hrt for 2.

Currently I’m prescribed test cyp 200mgs/week spread out in two shots. Also cjc1295/ipamorelin blend 1iu 5 days on 2 days off (igf1 has always tested very low)

My question is what should I do with the growth? Run 2-4 iu along with the cjc? Or do a 2 month on, 2 month off where I run only growth for a couple months and then switch back to cjc to let my pituitary recover?

Adding mass or strength would be fantastic, but my primary goals are the fat burning/sleep/skin and hair/general well-being effects.

What would you guys do in my situation?

How many total iu do you have?

30 vials of 10 iu each

I would run 2 iu/day first week, 3 the second and 4 for the remainder until supply is out. @studhammer is uses this a lot so I am tagging him for his advice.

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You’d keep doing the cjc/ipamorelin daily also? Or hold off on that until the growth is gone

I wouldn’t bother with that until after HGH is done. No point you know.

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Here are a couple of my post you can read @el702

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Thanks bro!

Where can I get a brother like that? :joy:


Can someone summarize for me the purpose of running HGH along with a cycle? I’ve always been confused as to what exactly it does. I’ve heard it referred to as the “fountain of youth,” but confused as to how it helps bodybuilders in general.

Better sleep and recovery. Assists in reduction of body fat. Not really muscle building unless you use large doses and combine with insulin/anabolics.

Like @blshaw said, unless you’re going to run 10iu/day its not going to lead to muscle gains. If you’re young, don’t bother with them. Us old guys are depleted in natural GH just like everything else!! LOL

Just curious- about 15 years ago I was on TRT and the clinic let me get some HGH. I ran it for a few weeks, possibly a month, I do not really remember. But at one point my feet and hands swole up to the point I looked like Mickey Mouse. Ever have any swelling? I am really interested in a blast of HGH, I am just worried about spending all this money only to learn I balloon up. With shipping these days it is sketchy to order a months worth and assume the next month is coming.

Hell yeah! LOL About 20 lbs of water

Here is a post I made a few weeks ago you might be interested in

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Thank you sir. So you just rode the swelling out and it receded?

Yep, and that’s when the fat loss took off. Lost 4 inches on my belly.