Fell Ill During PCT


Fell ill in the middle of pct and because of that lost quite a bit of gains. Would it be really bad to start a new cycle on the last week of pct.

You would just be shut down or close to shut down for a long time. Doing so makes recovery less probable. Is that risk okay to you? Are you okay with a higher probability of Low T or needing TRT?

I started on TRT before ever cycling. It has benefits, but it is something to manage likely for the rest of my life. Think about that just for a bit. Is this something that you are good doing long term?

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Okay i didn’t know that. Was hoping it would go the same route as now. Fast recovery. Thanks for help

If i finish pct and wait couple of weeks would that be an option or the risk of shutting down be the same?

Well generally you want the off time to equal the on time. It all comes down to risk and how you feel about potential TRT. Even with the time on time off being respected, if you do this long enough your chances of needing TRT get pretty high.

Most of the serious steroid users I know don’t come off anymore. They just TRT / cruise because they don’t come back strong, and they want to feel good, and not lose their gains.

I personally don’t mind TRT (I think the benefits far outweigh the negatives), but others don’t like the hassle or the shots, and some struggle for a long time to feel “right” on it. I think this should be given a good amount of thought before cycling, because the facts of the matter are if you keep cycling, TRT is likely in your future.

BTW, is that your dog in your avatar? Pretty cute!

I am atm 25. I wouldn’t min trt when older definitely. But not today. Unfortunately this is not my dog. But i have the same one on the way. It’s a toy poodle :slight_smile:

Basically jumping back on with not enough time off will shut me down harder. Funny is during my pct i didn’t lose much libido nor had that much of a erection problems

It is cute. I have Italian Greyhounds. They are goofy but athletic and they like to grin. Here are my hounds.


Is that the dog in the picture? Is that you back there on the phone?

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It is not me back there. My cousin.

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I seem to be lucky with hair lose genes, but that is also something to be aware of if you like your hair. Mine is down to my nipples at this point.

Also into rock music?

So far i have been good as wel. But turning grey age 25. I am waiting for this little one atm. image

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I would say classic rock, metal, metalcore, alternative, alternative rock, progressive rock and gansta rap are what I mostly listen to.

Not huge into current mainstream rock or rap I guess. I only like a couple country songs total. The gangsta rap has to be the 90s variety.


That is adorable. I got both of my hounds as adults. Would have been awesome to see them tiny. That is a poodle mix?

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Yeah similar taste. Old school rap. Not a big fan of the new stuff as well. Love black sabbath and stuff from the older era

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This little one is a apricot Toy poodle. They are perfect companions

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I saw them in concert a couple years ago with Ozzy as the singer. They were actually really good. Had to have a replacement drummer because the original is too fat to play the songs.

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