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Fell Down Stairs (Elbow Injury) F My Life


Flat soled work shoes + ice + stairs = newest injury to overcome

The doc at the hospital called it a severe contusion of the elbow. So the good news is it's not broken. I've been battling tendonitis (tennis elbow) in both elbows and right now my left elbow causes me to involuntarily scream in pain if I move it wrong after falling down some stairs.

I'd like to think I have a high pain tolerance and I'm really freakin worried. It's hard enough to lift every day already just with the tendonitis.

He prescribed some 800mg Ibuprofen and said time will make it better. I'm thinking of maybe going to see an orthopedic expert for a 2nd opinion and an MRI.

Anyone with knowledge about such things have a suggestion?



How did you land? Outstretched hand or on your elbow? Where exactly is your pain? What else are you concerned about?

I think a 2nd opinion from an ortho would be a smart move.


I'm not really sure how I landed, it happened pretty fast. Both elbows are hurting but my left is several factors worse. The pain is pretty much the same spot that always hurts my tendonitis....right where everything on the back side of my upper arm connects with my elbow or lateral epicondyle.

I do foam roll that area (not anymore of course) a couple times a week which is very painful but seems to help the tendonitis.

What I'm worried about is the ability to get back in the gym and lift heavy shit. As it is I had stopped all direct tricep work because of elbow pain, but still press and pull as heavy as possible.

I'm leaving for Mexico for 10 days in a couple weeks, so I'll be taking it easy for a while. I'll probably wait until I get back and asess the situation then.