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Feets Don't Fail Me Now



I like my feet. I like women's feet even better...but only if they trim their toe nails and don't look like someone switched their toes with those of a grizzly bear.

I have decided I shall buy shoes that show I actually have all of my toes....because I am worried that some may not be aware of this.

I also would like to walk barefoot even if I just had a pedicure or not without shame.

I am off to buy my new shoes.

Don't worry, Nike Frees....you will always be my first love.


Big day today?


Yes....feet day.


I be jealous. Tried the five fingers and they just don't work for me. Funky foot shape. Funky toe shape. But I do love my Merrell Trail Gloves. Wear them for trail/hill running, lifting, tire dragging, jeep pushing, grocery shopping and I am looking forward to wearing them for my upcoming Warrior Dash.


I just recently switched from Nike Frees (apparently the same ones you wore, judging by the Indigo vids,) to the Vibram Komodo Sports. It's been a pretty seamless transition, since the Frees are already great shoes. Needless to say, after spending a decent amount of time in my Vibrams now I can see why they get so much hype.


I'm hoping so. I used to have to wear orthotic inserts before I got the frees. Wearing them cleared that issue right up...however, I am now having problems because my foot is too wide and keeps either tearing the outside of the shoe or causes me to walk on that outer heal...which ends up making my feet sore over the course of a day.

The vibrams claim to fit wide feet so hopefully the hype is true.

We shall see. I plan on picking them up before I lift today.


Didn't see the vibram pic but if you are considering them, I recommend them 100%. Have had mine for about 3 years now. You won't go back to anything else for training wise. That being said I never tried the Nike ones.

I thought you were considering sandals or something to show off your toes lol.


men should not wear sissy shoes.

there, I said it~


Weird coincidence.
I was checking out some other barefoot shoes yesterday.
I've heard good things about nike frees, I was checking them out here
Anyone have experience with any models of the free? Are they all pretty much the same just different outer exterior designs?

I have the Vibram Komodos and Treksports, but I'd like a barefoot shoe to walk around in, I use the Vibrams for the gym only.


I've had vibrams for 4 years now? they're nice shoes but I think people hype them up too much. They're nice though.... not life changing as some make them out to be.

I've got frees as well and like them. Its all personal preference IMO. the whole "barefoot training" thing is all the rage right now so these shoes get lots of hype.

if you do plan on running in them (which I doubt, you dont seem like a big runner lol) then you need to break them/your body in slowly.


I hate socks. Like seriously. I take care of my feet so don't care about showing them off at all. I would wear sandals more if I thought they wouldn't fly off and stab someone in the eye if I tried to move any faster than a slow glide.

Training barefoot just feels better.

Foot fungus does not.


I love training barefoot. I always take off my shoes for squats and deadlifts and just lift barefoot.

Make sure you wash your vibrams ALOT! They will get really smelly really fast lol... wash them often.


did you get them already? they're a little funky feeling when you first wear them but after a couple times you'll get used to it and forget that you're even wearing them.

they SUCK though for lunges/split squats IMO. With the way that the toes are they are very uncomfortable on your back foot during a lunge.


Can you actually lift more in these vs Frees?

I use Chuck Taylor's and love them


I like socks. Might look at the NB minimus- let us know how you like the vibrams.


A girl once saw my Vibrams by the door.

Her response: 'Don't wear these.'

At which point
I drew attention
To her flip-flops



Now you can do "barefooted" flatfooted calf raises.


Low blow, dude.



Shoes are only as "sissy" as the man wearing them....unless they are high heels...or have ruffles....or look like Prince would wear them.


No, man. I mean it in all sincerity. Try them for several weeks. Then thank me for the new growth.