Feet Pointed Out

My feet externally rotate (independent of my thighs) when I lift my knee while walking up the stairs or sprinting. I sometimes do feel pain in the medial part of the knee.
Im not sure if this is related to the above but I have to pay a lot of attention to whether or not my knees align with the midline of my foot during front squats as I can and have pushed out my knees too far.

Any help will be appreciated

Go see a doctor if it is causing you pain. All your going to get on here is conjecture; best to be safe if it is bothering you.

Is the pick EC’s brain forum closed ? No one has posted anything in years. Im new to the forums

Kevj - lot of times with situations like that, you could have whats known as ‘retroverted hip’ where the shaping of the hips into the pelvis is unique and ends up being much more comfortable to stand and move in external hip rotation, as opposed to neutral or internal rotation.

The best bet is to be evaluated by either an orthopedic, sports chiropractor or physical therapist that has a good knowledge base of physical evaluation.

Where are you located? I could send you to someone.

Do you think it might be a weakness in glute medius? I failed the hip stability (single leg squat) in this article Bulletproof Your Body and my knee deviated medially.
I live in kuwait and there’s no way my parents will take me to a doctor for this.
Also i feel a lot of pain when rolling my IT band (it’s very tight i guess)which I read somewhere else might also be a sign of a weak glute medius