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Feet Placement For Bench?

One thing I’m having huge trouble with is deciding where exactly to place my feet while benching. I have seen two schools of thoughts, that of feet out wide with heels planted into the ground, or of feet right underneath on the balls of them.

While my feet are underneath I get a better arch, and can lock in better to the form, but less of a push from the bottom it feels like.

What does everyone here use? Pro’s/Cons of the different styles or any other advice greatly appreciated.

There was just a tip of the day or something like that, that suggested–

getting in a good comfortable stance, feet planted firmly, and then ‘walk’ your feet back and out to get really tight through the hips into your feet.

I hope this is a clear as the original tip. The original really helped me with my mindset right before the lift.

I know it also has something to do with federations. if you plan on lifting in a federation or just for a good strong base for personal or gym lifts.

As far as my prefence. heels on the ground and legs drving my butt and lower back into the bench press pad has seemed to work for me

it was called “How Much Can Ya Bench” i think.

Mike Robertson JUST wrote an article on this: “Yo, How Much Ya Bench?” Check it out.

Without sounding generic, do what works best for you. I personally bench with my legs wide, feet under me, and heels on the ground. I would experiment with your setup until it is tweaked just right. Try to find that balance between good arch and solid form with a big leg drive. I know there is two schools of thought on the whole heals touching and on the balls of your feet thing. I can’t get anything out of being on the balls of my feet, while my partner benches on his balls (lol!), and he is putting up mid 600’s while lifting in the 198’s.