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Feet Pain, Standing All Day


Among other issues with my body (I just posted another thread), I have this annoying nerve pain in my feet, which used to be only in my right foot. I'm working at starbucks (oh joy) and it's become much more of an issue than I thought it would be.

I've had this pain only when wearing my stiff dress shoes (gift, didn't fit perfect, kinda tight), but now I have it all day at work. I wore other shoes with normal arch support and those sucked, so I got a pair of boat shoes without any.

That helped for about a month until my schedule got shitty and I was on my feet more, having to run errands, sitting down less. Then the pain worked to my other foot, feels slightly like a stepped on glass.
I ended up getting some shitty insoles from wally world, thin gel ones that help so far, but not perfect, I can't fit thicker ones into these shoes.

One note- my feet feel the best, and always have, wearing low profile shoes without arch support. My chucks are so damn comfy after I get home from work and have to do shit. Though, I haven't worked in them so far and don't know if they will stop the problem. I can't wear them to work bc of the color, but I can't just get a pair that fit the dress code incase I spill something on them and am out $.

Anyway, do any of you have/had these issues? Got any shoe or other recommendations for how to fix this? The main concern is budget, since I've already wasted money getting shit for this.


I stand all day too. My feet do far worse with more cushion/arch support. I wear minimalist shoes at work or I wear slip-ons and go with just socks when I’m at my desk (I stand at me desk).


Is it nerve pain or plantar fasciitis? If it’s plantar, try rolling your foot over a tennis ball and really dig in to the tissue under there. I used to have diabolical foot pain when I worked 12-14 hour shifts in the film/tv industry so I know what you’re feeling.


I roll my feet all the time, shouldn’t be that, when I’m doing lower body mobility stuff at home I roll the feet and if I hate myself enough i grind the back/sides of a butter knife into them lol


Well, have you ever had an ankle sprain before? If not then that’s probably what it is and the pain’s just radiating.

And if you’re pretty sure that’s not what it is, than I would feel the area surrounding where it hurts most and if it feels like there’s fluid there, then you could have fractured a metatarsal, but if it’s not too incredibly bad, there’s really not much doctors can do for you unless, like I said, it’s you have multiple fractures on the same bone.

It could even be a strain on any of the smaller ligaments or extensor tendons in your foot. If it becomes too painful, see a doctor, but I wouldn’t be immediately concerned if flexing isn’t overly excruciating. I personally use WalkFit to take care of my foot pain. It?s really simple to apply and use and the pain usually goes away after an hour of using it.

But if it’s just nerve pain and you haven’t actually damaged anything, I’d give WalkFit a try. It’s probably one of the only products that helped relieve my foot pain when all the other over the counter stuff didn’t quite cut it for me. There’s an in-depth review of it here: http://reviews.3dsvita.com/walk-fit-platinum-review-is-this-a-scam/


Never had a major ankle sprain, or anything up or down stream, which is annoying bc I have no indication of the cause.

No thx on the walkfits. The website looks sketch and they don’t explain why they work better than other insoles, sounds like a waste of time and money other than just trying on insoles at the store.

It’s definitely not a broken or fractured bone, either.


Suit yourself, bud! Keep us updated!


Where in the foot is the pain?


On the arch, superficial and close to the balls of my feet, but only there, not on any other part of my arch. It will go to about half way through the balls of my feet. Almost as if I’m standing only on the more anterior portion of my foot


Use a lacrosse ball. And also buy some Dansko clogs. They are not springy or cushy- just straight up put the weight of your body where it belongs (ball of foot). I’m on my feet all day and night and swear by them. They are $115 but worth your sanity.


Calf stretches!