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Feet on the Bench?


What is with people putting their feet up in the air while benching? Anyone here do this? What the hell does it do?


i think it's dumb as hell. people who do it probably think they're 'isolating' their pecs when they do it.



Nothing good. Keep your feet on the floor firmly planted and get a strong base.


who knows


its more comfortable im guessing. i think its dumb


Those are the same idiots who stays at the same weight for years and then switch to bench pressing on a ball.

..and probably eat .9 of a banana as a snack.


I've heard that some people do it because they think it is easier on their back, but I can't personally say that I've ever felt stress in my lower back while benching.

It's a pretty unstable way of benching, that's for sure. Good thing most of the people doing it are benching 135lb or less.


that actually makes a lot sense, if you've got a compressed disc and can't tolerate the strain on the back caused by the arch , then keeping your feet up will be more comfortable. and if you've been training for a long time you should be able to stay pretty stable without your feet on the ground.

that said, if your back is in good health i can't see any worthwhile reason for not keeping your feet on the ground and driving through them for power and stability.


People do it to eliminate leg drive derived from an arch. I do it sometimes, maybe you don't, but really who the hell cares?


I do. I haven't slept in 3 weeks worrying about this. Either way, if you are driving that much with your legs that you can't control yourself, dropping the weight to a range that doesn't require your spotter to shrug two thirds of it while you grunt and scream through the other third would make the most sense.


Not sure if that was directed at me specifically, but there isn't much of a difference between my feet up and normal bench, so no I'm not using a retarded amount of leg drive in the first place. Normal bench with leg drive: 365x1. Feet up bench: 340x1.


Then do floor presses instead, but don't press with your feet on the bench. Very unsafe.


That's strange. When I bench, my feet don't have much do with it and damn sure don't INCREASE the amount of weight I can use. They are simply placed flat on the floor for stabilization, not to arch the hell out of my back to get more weight that I can't really do with the target muscle group. What you are really saying is you can get more weight up if you turn the flat bench into a pseudo-decline bench. Well, gee, who couldn't?


Worth seeing...



Come one guys, feet on the bench is not the worst you can see in the gym. I have seen a couple of idiots benchpress with their feet up in the air, knees bent at 90 degrees and everything. I've never bothered to ask what their rationale is for doing it this way, but I guess they have their reasons:)


Well my ass doesn't come off the bench, but yes I get leg drive when my feet are on the floor; that's why I like to do feet in air once in a while - I find it helps my strength levels when I go back to regular bench.


I feel safer with my back flat. I've been having my feet on the bench long enough that I'm used to it. Completely disables the instinct to drive your legs down.


Perhaps their following Ian King's super Strength article?


It's easier on your back.

It also adds an element of instability, requring more activation from the core muscles to stay centred. Some people think this is a good idea.

I press with my feet on they ground, but some of my clients have back problems or their legs are too short, so they put them on the bench. I tell them to do whatever is most comfortable.


Leg drive from a bench press...wow. How about learning to bench properly?