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Feels Good, Too Much Volume?


This has been my current plan..should I subract some volume?

Flat BB Bench (5x10->5x8 for two weeks->5x5 for three weeks->pyramid 5,4,3,2,1 for two weeks, max, rest, repeat)
Incline DB bench
4 sets 6-10 reps
Weighted Dips
5 or 6 sets 6-12 reps
Shoulder Press
4 sets 6-10 reps
Front Raises
3 sets 8-12 reps
Rotator Cuff exercise
Weighted Crunch
Rope Crunch
all 3x8-12

Front Squats (steadily building, like bench)
Leg Curls
Donkey Calf Raises
Seated Cable Row
Incline DB Curl
Reverse Crunches
Hanging Pikes
working up to 10 reps right now, than up to 15, than to 20, etc.
Cable Rotation (core work..give me a break, it helps with Judo)
BB Rows if time (3x8-12)

Incline BB Bench (same as Flat Bench)
Cable Flies
Tricep Pressdowns
Lateral Raises
C.T.'s BB in corner Shoulder Press
Same Ab's as Monday

BB Lunges
Romanian Deadlifts
Calf Raises on Leg Press
DB Rows
Weighted Chin-ups
Preacher Curls

I'll do about half hour's worth of cardio on tuesday and thursday, with one complete rest day on Saturday. My diet's not bad, aiming for 6 meals a day, with at least 30g of protein each meal, trying to eat carbs throughout day, but not past four (I can't tolerate them at all in the afternoon. That's just me). I'm making progress with this, but just wanted to see how others would tweak it. Thanks guys!



Well, it's definitely NOT a program I would use, but that doesn't mean it's a bad one.

It's a lot of volume but if I were you, I'd stick with it until I either couldn't improve my performance btwn sessions, started feeling run down or just got bored with it.

I'm sure you can get some good results with this program, as long as you do the techniques properly with a decent tempo.


Thanks for your opinion! I'm just a little worried that I might not be getting enough stimulation for my shoulders and possibly arms. Does the presence of one isolation in the midst of all the compounds make up for having, well, only one isolation movement?


i think that volume is a think you find your own feet with of your open minded.

the most importaint thing in my opinion as making sure its in proportion. ie - if your doing 10 sets for chest then it should be substancially more for back and legs since there the bigger groups.

i do about 10 sets for back, 10 for legs (quads and hams), 7-8 for chest, 6-7 for shds, 5 for tris, 4 for bi's and 4 for calfs.



every body is different and deal with different programs in different ways , why not try cycleing ur programme with say 8 weeks heavy weight low volume just 2 see what happens ,could get the best off both worlds .


thanks everyone! I'll toy around with everything on the next cycle. I'll post results!