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Feeling Worn Out...

I’ve been training every week for the past 3-4 months without any breaks and I’m starting to feel run down. I went to do chest this morning and I just felt very tight, my bones/joints were somewhat achy and I had a pain in the palm of my hand. I just don’t feel 100%.

I’m bulking right now and I’ve gone from 205 to 225ish in about a month in a half with some decent strength gains. But now I feel like I’m just on this treadmill and I need to just relax for a week.

Two questions:

1.) Good idea to take a break?

2.) What should my nutrition look like should I decide to take a week off, assuming I was and will continue bulking when I go back to the gym.

Always,Always,Always, Listen to your body. It is the best training partner you have. It gives the best advise,if you listen to it. I am currently taking a two week break to fully recover. I am also going out of state on vacation(blah!blah!)

As for eating habits, I would cut down on some of the calories during this time off or your body will turn it into fat. Taking time to recover is probably exactly what your body needs not only to recover but to grow and get stronger.

After returning to the gym you will probably notice a difference in your lifts. More than likely for the better. Training is like working, your body needs to take a vacation now and then. And dont worry you will not deflate like a tire. You will probably be bigger and stronger for the break… Good Luck…

It sounds like you might have bulked too fast. But congrats on the weight and strength gains if you’re happy. Maybe changing something in your workout is all your body needs to get back into training. Especially if you’ve been training with the same program the whole time.

If you do plan on taking a week off I wouldn’t change anything with your diet. One week isn’t all that long, and if you plan on jumping right back in to bulking I think you’ll be fine.

If you’re feeling that bad there’s absolutely nothing wrong with taking a break for 5 straight days or even 7 days. Don’t go longer than that. There are plenty of programs out there that call for one week off every 3 to 4 months. It actually helps build muscle.

If your workouts have been intense and you’re seeing muscle gains along with strength gains, keep your diet the same. Don’t rest for more than 7 days. If you need to, just change up your routine.

Def take a week or two off. You will come back rejuvinated and itching to get back in the gym, especially if you’ve been going for 3-4 months non-stop.

I did bulk very quickly. I am lifting more than ever, but at the same time I did put on a bit more fat than I wanted. All in all I’m happier this way than the scrawny 205 I was.

I’m still not positive I’ll take a week off, I’ll see how I feel tomorrow.

One of the main things that lead me to believe I should take a break is that my bench just won’t get any stronger. My shoulders are getting stronger, legs, arms, back for sure…

My dumbell chest press is going up, I used to do 70s and now I’m up to 95s, but my bench is still rediculously low. I’m only doing 185x6-8,and then 225x1 or 2. At my size I should be pushing 300 atleast I feel.

Things are sounding a little border-line obsessive here…
Hell, I love my training but I also know the value of keeping things in perspective. If you are feeling run down then take some time off. For me training is a life long plan and that means that I have (hopefully) many years of training ahead of me. One or two weeks off every now and then is NOT going to be that big of a deal. Hell, you may even be suprised at what it can do for your progress.

If you don’t want to totally relax then do something active in your rest time. Go hunting. Go rock climbing. Spend a week in the wild doing physical shit. Beat your chest and roar. Then come back rejuvenated and ready to hit the weights again. You’ve built that body so now you have the responsibility of taking care of it. Good luck.

Take a break. A week off won’t kill you, in fact, it should make you stronger cos you’re body will be able to heal up to 100%.

  • you’ll feel a lot better.