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Feeling Workout Hangover. Overtraining?

Okay, regarding the topic of overtraining, I totally understand that it is extremely rare and such. However, recently I have devoloped some sort of workout hangover that I just cant get rid of. I train 6-7 days a week, with 4 of thoes days I do cardio/ HITT in the morning, and 1 day I do sprints. This is in addition to workouts focused primiarly on Bench, front squat, back squat, SHoulder press, Snatch, Deadlift, Power Clean. Then I add in many assistance exercises.

Think I should up my carbs, or just take a day off?


Train 7 days a week, 4 days of HIIT and 1 sprint day on top of 5 weight workouts? Are you in a contest prep?

If no, take a couple days off. Its that simple. You’re not going to magically bloat up if you take 2 days off and stay on your diet.

You didn’t specify your diet macros or calories, so its really impossible to know specifics. You will not lose your gains from 2 days off.

Taking a day or two off, or even a full deload week, when you’re feeling legitimately run down isn’t a bad idea.

As for adjusting carbs/calories, that depends on a few factors, especially your current diet like Aragorn said. I remember in a recent thread you said you were only going to be getting 2-3 meals while you’re deployed. It could be simple total calories that are the issue, not necessarily just carbs.

Also, I can’t quite picture what your training week actually looks like. Can you lay out the days, exercises, and volume (sets/reps for lifting, distance or time for cardio)? You are doing a bunch of work - lots of high intensity cardio and lots of big lifts and “many assistance exercises” - so your overall training can probably be fine-tuned.

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Monday Tuesday Wednesday Friday : some sort of cardio or HITT workout
Saturday: Sprinting 5x400m
Monday- Usually Back squat. Sometimes 4x10 sometimes 8x3 I like changing it up then I practice overhead squatting and snatches
Tuesday- Shoulder Press and or power cleans then a fuck ton of assistance stuff
Wednesday - Bench I usually either do 4x8 of 205 or sometimes I don’t flat bench at all and do a lot of dips, then follow with chest and triceps assistance
Thursday- Sometimes rest, usually do cleans or power cleans then front squat or something
Friday- Lift with cute girl I met and teach her stuff usually we squat or again but higher reps ( like 4x15)
Then Saturday - deadlifts , farmers carries biceps
Sunday- Some push ups/ weighted pull ups and crossfit workouts with Olympic movements in it

Regarding the issue of only 2 meals a day… I actually solved that haha I take a container to the mess hall and load up on lamb and beef and chicken and rice

I don’t know how many calories I eat daily but I’m sure it’s a lot.

No. It’s not.

If you can’t tell us EXACTLY what you ate, and exactly what amounts, and exactly what times you ate these things you can’t be sure of anything with your diet.

Anything that is not water that was eaten or drunk…go.

Are pushing heavy weights at close to you max each of those weight sessions?

How does the sprint feel? Heavy and slow?

Wake up : Slice of bread with nutella
Breakfast: 5 eggs with ham and veggies. Bowl of oat meal
Snack: 3 boiled eggs from the mess hall
Lunch: 3 chicken brest, scoop of rice, salad with nuts
Dinner: 2 pieces of pork or chicken or beef, scoop of rice or potatos, salad.
Protein Shake, banana, slice of bread with nutella

I personally think thats at least 5k calories. I have never ate so much consistently


The sprints feel alright, just I cant run as fast as I did when I was 40 lbs lighter running cross country obviously, but not to full potential.

Today is Thursday, and we did not run this AM, and I am not going to train tonight or do anything whatsoever. Tomorrow I expect to feel much refreshed after not hitting a near max effort 4x8 front squat workout at like 195lbs! I read on a few articles here on T Nation to not cut carbs on rest day so I have not…

2300 calories, not including your salads, which probably are minimal unless you use a shit ton of salad dressing.

I recommend weighing your food and tracking; don’t guess.

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Man, I really don’t like your “exercise layout.”

Shoulders the day before benching?

2 days of squatting before Deadlifting on Saturday? No wonder you feel hung over.

Then 400 meter sprints? Do you do those before or after Deadlifting?


My buddy swears to overhead pressing before benching, I follow it also because it builds bulletproof shoulders. And yes there is two days of squatting before I deadlift, but remember I’m doing front squats on one day. And the 400 m sprints I do in the morning and the deadlifting after I eat a meal. This frequency has to do with the fact I don’t have a car and don’t like drinking plus the gym is free and a very walkable distance.

Wow, that looks interesting. When I find some wifi I’m definite going to watch that video, I can tel it’s already more effective than cardio meathods the military loves now

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Thanks for that breakdown… I am very surprised it ended up being so low in calories! People always are surprised i eat thirds and seconds but maybe they are eating even less than they think. I’m totally looking at making some pp and j sandwiches for on the go since they won’t go rotten

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Not even close. Here is a diet of 5000 calories:

Meal 1 – 16 egg whites, 1.5 cups of oats (dry measure), 1 banana, 1 scoop of whey iso, 1 tbs of raw organic honey

Meal 2 – 6 organic free range eggs, 2 slices of Ezekiel toast with jelly

Meal 3 – PREWORKOUT – 50 grams of whey iso, 1 cup of cream of rice, 2 tbls of almond or natural peanut butter

INTRAWORKOUT – 20 grams of peptopro, 20 of BCAA, 150 grams of branch cyclic dextrin

Meal 4 – POSTWORKOUT – 2 scoops of whey iso, 2 cups of white rice (cooked), 6 oz of organic ground beef

Meal 5 – 6 oz cooked of wild salmon, 2 slices of Ezekiel toast with jelly

Meal 6 – 16 egg white, 2 cups of almond milk, 10 oz of organic greek yogurt

This is an actual diet IFBB pro Amit Sapir was on a couple years ago (no idea what he does now).

Alternatively, you could have:

Meal 1–6 eggs + 1 cup oatmeal (dry measure): 750 cal

Meal 2–8 oz top sirloin (420) + 2 cups rice (400): 820 cal

Meal 3–32 oz whole chocolate milk (~850) + 1 scoop whey (120-150): ~1000 cal

Meal 4–12 oz salmon (~500 cal) + 10 oz potato (~260): 760 cal

Meal 5–Chipotle burrito ~1000 cal

Meal 6-- 2 whole cups egg whites (~260 cal) + 4 slices of toast/jelly or honey (~500): ~760 cal

That is about 5,100 calories depending on exactly what you put on your burrito, how much jelly/honey you use, and some other small stuff.

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Most people are. Most people trying to gain muscle drastically underestimate how much food they are eating. I think in 10 years I’ve only talked with maybe 4-5 people in real life who were actually eating what they thought they were eating without tracking calories. Conversely most overweight people drastically OVER-estimate how much they are eating when they want to lose fat.

That’s why most of us here always end up asking, “what exactly did you eat this week” lol


I’ve worked out my calories and am currently hitting about 4600. It’s a fucking NIGHTMARE.

That amount of calories from “clean” foods has turned eating into a full time job. It sucks so much.


Yeah, for me it’s like “time to choke down 4 boiled eggs that I hate”

Update- took the weekend easy, only lifted with some girls on Saturday, then did some low key stuff at the beach. Definitely ready to power clean + cardio tomorrow!

Thanks again

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