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Feeling Weak After Rest Day

I have been doing home training for a month now. I do 4 days a week. Currently I do

Plank 1 minute
Push-ups 3x as many as I can
Squats 3x as many as I can (today I started goblet squats with 30lb kettlebell)
Crunches 3x as many as I can
Assisted pull-ups (I use a chair and 1 leg) 3x10
Either dead man quad raises or lunges 3x10

Today I did my workout but felt extremely weak, especially on push-ups. I’m thinking 1. I didn’t eat and this may have caused and issue or 2 I did goblet squats first and held the weight by my chest, could this have fatigued my pushing muscles? I plan on getting a gym membership bc the basic home workout is getting extremely boring.

Its just your overall conditioning. That should improve as you continue forward.


A few things:

  • One day is nothing to be concerned with.
  • Sometimes you can feel weak but you can still perform as usual. Even if everything feels heavy in your hand and you think you are moving slowly.
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My next workout is today when I wake up so I will see how that goes and go from there. I work night shift all week then typically get into a dayshift pattern for the weekend. I wonder if that is messing with me. Either way, I will weigh myself when I wake up (haven’t done that since I started this routine) and see how my workout goes. Thanks for the advice.

It’s probably just a bad day. Don’t let it affect you. As strongmangoals said, it often won’t even affect what you’re capable of doing. Just go through the training anyway and if you don’t get as many reps, oh well. You just started this lifelong journey and maintaining consistency through the good and the bad is what will make you better in the coming years.

Not being able to persevere is why people fail. There can be several reasons for this but at the end of the day, some people quit. Others don’t.

er… yeah this.

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how can he overtaxe his cns with 9 sets of nothing

He wouldn’t likely be, I don’t know if I missed that they were all body weight exercises but my post is kind of dumb in retrospect

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