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Feeling Very Anxious and High E2 Mental Symptoms But Labs Are Normal

I’ve been feeling very anxious lately and my mind doesn’t feel as stable as it usually does, lots of overthinking and jealous thoughts to do with my relationship, this reminds me of high E2 but I can’t pin point anything apart from changing brand of T, I thought maybe my E2 would be high but my labs are all normal.

Can you guys spot anything in my labs that may be the cause? This isn’t usually like me, I’m usually very stable and confident.

Thank you

Lab pics below.

Have you had high E2 before? How high was it and what were your symptoms?

It’s the holiday season and 2020 has been a real shithole year for most. Are you sure it’s not just built up stress?

What’s your entire protocol - what are you taking, what doses and frequencies? Have you changed anything recently?

Maybe the T or E isn’t the problem. Maybe your relationship is. Try handling that. That was my problem for a long time. Also look into Win Hof breathing.

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Yeah your E2 is towards the lower end at 24 pg/mL by US measurements. You might try going back to the old brand to rule it out.

Is the ester the same?