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Feeling Tired and Weak

ive been training hard 5x a week and 2x cardio a week. My body is looking good and I felt good until couple weeks ago.
I feel weak, can’t lift what I usually do and I feel tired a lot.
I’m eating 4 meals a day and a shake including 150g protein, 50g sweet potato, 50g brown rice, 2 slices brown bread and lots of veg every day.
Do I just need a rest or more calories? Or maybe supplements?
Also I’m drinking at least 2 litres of water a day and taking vitamin c and omega 3 supplements every day

Can you expand more on your diet? Do you mean 150g of protein just in the shake or in total for the whole day? Also what is your height and weight? What do your training sessions look like? I don’t believe much in “over training” but depending on the intensity of your sessions and what your diet looks like, under eating could be the reason you’re so tired.

take a week off training

[quote]Benjaminfitness wrote:
My body is looking good and I felt good until couple weeks ago. [/quote]
What in your life, in the gym and outside of it, changed around that same time? New job responsibilities (your profile says "fitness instructor, is that like a trainer or do you lead group cardio classes?); any change in diet; tweak your training program at all; lose any bodyweight? Basically there are a ton of variables still left unaccounted for.

Without knowing more details, you could try eating exactly the same and drop the lifting for a while like Yogi said, or keep the training pretty much the same (maybe reduce the intensity for a bit) while bumping up the daily calories.

Are you getting enough sleep?