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Feeling the Pecs

Hey everyone,

Just a quick question. I recently bought a pair of average bands for reverse band pressing. This is becuase my shoulder tend get injured on regular bench, and I’m starting to outgrow the DB’s at my gym (Only go to 100lbs). The big difference I notice is that I don’t really feel the muscle working with reverse band presses as I do with DB or floor presses. I was just wondering if I should, or if its simply the nature of the variable resistance.

How much band resistance are you using?

I’ve wrapped the band around the DB and used it to add resistance before. One band, on the grip of the DB and under the bench.

[quote]spar4tee wrote:
How much band resistance are you using?[/quote]

Elite FTS Average Bands

135lbs is essentially weightless at the chest. It gets about 30-40lbs heavier at the top.

Most people I see doing reverse band benches do it towards the end of their chest session. Maybe this will help as you should already be pumped and find contraction of the muscle easier. Also make sure you lower the bar under good control and explode up, otherwise you are just going through the motions at the bottom of the press.

I’ve just started using this approach. Seems sensible thus far.