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Feeling Suicidal Because of Deca Dick


OK buddy. Will. Definitely try it


I have a similar issue but not related to deca, however I have used way too much tren in my time. unless I take a lot of dopamine stimulating drugs I rarely experience emotions or happiness. I find it odd though that your issue is so prolonged from such a short stint. I earned my problems with 5 consecutive years of heavy AAS abuse.


Well deca ducked me pretty bad.

BTW what doses.of dopamine agents you use?

At this time. I am willing to try anything.

Life has become flat. No desire for anything.

No depression
No happiness.
No sexdrive
No emotions.


Do you use proviron and cretanin? Dont stop them man, you must find a good sex parthner, you cant get erection with masturbate, your mind will stop it. Continue DHT and stop masturbate.


Gonna start next week.

Endo had prescribed clomod for 8 weeks.

It ended last week