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Feeling Suicidal Because of Deca Dick


I am using gear for the last 3 years without any issue.

Have run heavy cycles upto 1 gram of combined gear. And cruises on testosterone

This past November I competed in a small competition and did well.

Now in february time I decided to use deca with test.

Within 3 weeks I lost my libido and desire and had bad erectile dysfunction.

My test was 600 test with 250 deca.

I got blood reports everything is normal As per my age.

Everything I use I get from pharmacy so stuff is genuine.

It’s been 3-4 month of no libido etc.

Also I feel emotionally totally flat. No aggression no drive to do things or workout.

My girlfriend has been understanding but I don’t want to function like this.

Some one kindly help me.

Also I have my e2 managed from 20-48pg seems to make no difference.

And I never ever needed any type of ancillaries previously on even 800mg of pharma test enan per week.

I have lost all my gains in these 3months due to this shitty issue

Have tried caber prami etc.

Only with cialis I get election but no desire.

Any one kindly help me.

I m not joking when I say I m list for the will to live.

My business is in downhill my relationship too since these 3months.

I feel completely asexual. And I don’t get pleasure from anything. Earlier I visited gym daily no matter what. Did my diet up I have lost my drive to get things done.

If someone has overcome this please please help me.

Brother, this sounds like true clinical depression. I don’t know if it’s related to your steroid use or not. I would stop the deca immediately. It has been known to cause depression/emotional issues in some. Don’t stop taking your testosterone. If you are really feeling suicidal, I would see a psychiatrist as soon as possible. Good luck.


I haven’t had any experience with Deca, except anecdotally from other peoples experience.
I do know a bit about depression/suicide. No matter how bad you feel, or how long it goes for don’t do anything suicidal. Depression is like a storm all you have to do is wait out the storm. Sounds easy but it isn’t, not matter how bad it gets don’t give up. I can promise you if you wait it out you will get to the other side. It might be a long time,weeks, months, or even a year or more if you go by other peoples accounts with bad deca reactions.
Even so I bet that once you do get through it, you will be so glad that you didn’t do anything drastic(so will all your family,friends and loved ones).
If you haven’t done so already you need to get some professional support ie psychiatrist and endocrinologist.
Time is on your side, you can tough it out and eventually you will be alright.
Keep posting on this site to let us all know how you are doing.


I m off the Deca from February.

On test I get election but no libido.

It’s screwing with my mind

If erectile dysfunction makes you feel suicidal then there must be an underlying cause such as clinical depression. See a psychiatrist.

Not necessarily. ED combined with a strain on your relationship and also your finances can cause clinical depression in even the strongest. Speaking from experience.

I’ve had deca dick and it fucking hurts, I know. But trust me, you WILL recover. Your dose was low, I took a higher dose and it took me roughly a year and half to get back to normal, but I did get back to normal. Deca metabolites stay in your system for a very long time.

There was a post on here from a guy who gave a description on how he cured his deca dick which involved donating blood plasma amongst other things. If anyone can find this post and post it here it may have some valuable information.


Also, normal hormone levels do not necessarily mean your libido and erections should be normal. The brain and its neurotransmitters play a huge part too, this is where I believe deca causes problems.


Much as some have said above, I too have had depressive issues. Suicidal at one point. When I didn’t see a reason not to, I thought of those I cared about. There are ALWAYS people you care for and whom care for you.


What are your mental symptoms? Super emotional? Intrusive, obsessive thoughts? Please be more specific. And make that Dr’s appt. my friend.

how long have you been using deca? Deca is known for making you limp. Sound like you need to jump start your endocrin system. Have you tried just taking high dosages of test by itself? Also have you tried HCG? HCG will force your endocrine system keep running and make test natural. Sound like your body completely stopped production so I would try HCG and test and that should work. Don’t ever use deca ever again. Hope this was helpful


Hi guys.

Actually I am emotionally flat and feel out of this world since that Deca cycle. I have lost my girls with my child sometime in past and even then I was not like this.

Right now I have started Clomid 50 per day. And today afternoon got a slight twinge after seeing a sexy girl.

Will keep updated

Yes and you can bet I won’t touch Deca again.

Has totally screwed me up.

Went from 75kg six pack sex machine to 79kg doughboy in these 3 months.

@Singhbuilder Brother you said you recovered only after you did another testosterone cycle? Can you please share the detaila

I did not say that in this post. I said I waited it out.

I wouldn’t think about another cycle until I’m recovered. You need to get your bloods done. See what your test level is. The only time I would go back on testosterone is if my test is zero or low and I can’t wait it out for whatever reason.
Luckily back when I had Deca dick, my GF at the time was understanding and not the horniest woman in the world so she waited it out with me.

Most people who suffer Deca dick have normal prolactin and test levels so even using testosterone will not help your erections. It is a neurological issue. Some say it damages your nerve. All theories but something to look into.


@Singhbuilder thanks

OK guys so I have spoke to a lot of knowledgeable people and have emailed an former ifbb pro also(Dave Palumbo)

He replied to mail. Wasn’t expecting him to but I think he saw that I was in pain and offered advice.

Also 2 people have contacted me who got rid of deca dick by two different methods.

I will tell all the three.

1- Dave replied " Take 1000iu hcg 3 times per week for 4 weeks"

2- A guy who recovered from same issue had told me " Clomid 25mg/ day for 6 weeks and then after 6weeks by 3rd week I will feel normal" ( currently I am on week 3 of this protocol. Can get hard on if prompted physically but still sex drive is down. The guy told me sex drive will be suppressed on Clomid is run.)

3- here on T nation a guy made a post

100mg test enanthanate /week with some Proviron and blood donations. Then after few weeks proper PCT using testosterone

Can you link to the thread about donating blood plasma? It could be useful for future reference.


And yes there is another method which I did when I had Deca dick which turned me into rapist. No joke sex consumed my every thought.

It was 50-60mg tren ace/ day with 500 test / E3D. It was just ran as I had stuff.

I want to avoid tren so will first try all the 3 methods.

Also I will update this so someone may benefit from it.

Right now exception is not such an issue. See drive and libido is. We will see how it turns out.

Some guys are very vulnerable to zeno-testosterones, these can break the machinery. Sometimes it is a warning, other times much worse. Pro-hormones and other crap from the WWW can be harmful.

"proper PCT"
Most PCT advice is simply wrong. And 3000iu hCG per week is too.

@Singhbuilder I am unable to post the link but Google " Deca dick solution t nation"