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Feeling Stuffed on 2,000 Cals/Day


I've been trying to shed a bit of fat for about 2 months now. I have to lose about 10lb I would estimate. Just a layer covering muscles and some stubborn love handles.

I follow a 2000 cal/day diet high in protein (150g approx) along with complex carbs and healthy fats. I admit I slip up here and there and overeat but the majority of the time I'm good and fat seemed to be coming off.

However my progress seems to be slowing down a bit. Now this caloric intake has to started to keep me full and satiated which is something that wasn't happening when I started this diet.

Now I'm wondering if this is just me adapting mentally or does this mean I need to take it up a notch!

Help would be massively appreciated!

P.S I lift weights 6 days a week. Total body compounds but I focus more on an area each day. This is followed by either a 30 min run or a 30 circuit training workout involving jump rope and body weight exercises. Heart rate remains fairly high (150-160) throughout the cardio session


I'm no expert when it comes to dieting, but it sounds as though your metabolism has tanked. This isn't too surprising considering you've been following a low-calorie diet for that period of time while training with that kind of intensity. Have you been cycling carbs/calories?


No man I haven't been cycling. Mainly because I live with family and health eating isn't really a thing in my country so I often have to make do with what's cooked. I'll try cycling though. Interestingly enough, I'm still making strength gains


Since when did 150g of protein become high protein?


OP, how much do you weigh now? How much did you weigh when you started? How long have you been dieting? How long have you been at 2K calories?


Gregron I've been at 2,000 for just short of 2 months now. I started out 160 and am now at 157lb. However, I've been at 157lb for a couple of weeks now. I think I've put on just a bit of muscle too but there doesn't seem to be any fat loss


Do you have any idea how much you were eating before the diet?
How tall are you?
What are your best lifts?
What was your most recent workout?


First, are you 100% sure of your tracking? I honestly doubt that you could consistently feel full on those calories with that activity level.

Second, add 200-300 calories around your workout (that means six days a week). For your -dieting- purposes, that intake of protein isn't large at all, and most would say it's probably too small given you're in a calorie restriction. I would add at least 30g of protein along with some carbohydrates.

You'd be surprised but you might end up making more progress by adding calories in.




Your body is going to respond the best way it knows how. If you stay at 2,000 calories your body will either slow down or speed up your metabolism to make that 2,000 work. Fat loss as well as muscle building plateaus are normal. Do something different. Go hiking, climbing, push a car just something else.

Everything works for a while...