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Feeling Sorry for Myself

Stupid, selfish, feeling sorry for myself for a minute. Going to write it out, maybe it will help me get over it.

I have to take the week off from lifting.

I’ve got a nagging forearm injury that I was working through and around for the last couple of weeks. But today it’s just too painful to sensibly walk into the gym without risking further injury. The pain is even with my left elbow at about a 7 on a 1-10 pain scale when I extend my arm out all the way, pronate and supinate my closed fist, try to squeeze and carry anything, or when I execute a “talk to the hand” pose with my arm outstretched. Tendonitis I’m guessing.


So that, compiled with my lifting partner’s nagging trap soreness, left us mutually deciding to take the week off.

Hang-ups, obstacles, diversions, inserting pause into what was otherwise good progress and incredible motivation.

Just doing cardio for the rest of the week is a bummer, but I need to get over it and heal. See how it feels in a week after aggressively treating it with ice, ROM, and anti-inflamitories.

Thanks for the rant/pitty party.


I know how frustrating it can be to have an injury. Good luck and feel better.