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Feeling Sluggish


I recently started a new routine to better fit my schedule and as a result have been feeling tired. I am eating calories at maintenance trying to slowly drop some fat. I attached a photo of daily macro intake. Anything seem off?

What is weird is that I wake up feeling good, at around 1-2 pm I begin to feel tired but, at night around 8 pm I am full of energy.


get more vitamin D. It probably won't help with feeling sluggish but it's good for you.

I'm a little weirded out at the detail in that table. Do you really need to know how much histidine you've eaten in a day?


I would say pro is a bit high but doesn't look like enough for fatigue


More water.


Yeah, I do not really look into those but, I like the detail that "Cronometer" provides and I find it easier to use than fitday.