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Feeling Sluggish

I feel sluggish, even though I take 2 HOT-ROX capsules in the morning (9am) and 1 HOT-ROX capsule in the afternoon (3 pm). I feel sluggish mid day.
I drink a shake with 2 scoops in th morning and 2 for lunch, 1 scoop for a snack and 2 scoops for dinner and 1 scoop before bed. Any ideas?

You may have adapted to all the caffeine in the HOT-ROX and now your brain needs more to stay stimulated. Try giving up the mail-order speed and you might start feeling better after a few weeks.

You gotta come off that stuff bro. You built up a tolerance. I did the same thing to myself when I was pretending to lean out. What do you eat prior to mid-day?

Actually, I am female and I today is only day 6 of the velocity diet. I drank 2 scoops for breakfast.

How long have you been taking hrx? Regular or Xtreme?

One reason for feeling sluggish is the velocity diet is pretty tough to operate on. It requires a lot of willpower and determination because of your deficit. Tough it out, drink ice cold glasses of water every 2-3 hours to amp up your metabolism. It will get better the longer you are on the diet, first time ever doing anything resembling the v-diet?

Also do you do any type of exercise in the morning? Are you doing any walking or jogging in the morning to get your blood flowing?

Try using music therapy - during lunch listen to the type of music that gets you amped. Does not require ingesting anything extra or ask you to do anything but to absorb the vibe of the music.

I like using trance or progressive metal for those purposes.

Though sometimes I become more alert listening to news talk radio so I’ll do that occasionally.

Another idea is just static flexing of your abs & posture work for back. You can’t be sluggish when your doing things like that. Meditation for 5 minutes with long slow deep breathes is also known to be re-energizing.

Or have a notebook where you write down each day what you want to achieve and how you feel. Then write down something encouraging. Everytime you start faltering open up that little book read, and write. 10seconds 30 seconds, 1 minute. Keep it relatively quick no longer then 5 minutes.

Theres lots and lots of ways you can combat the sluggish symptom. Good luck!

Thanks, these are really good ideas. Yes, it is my first time with the velocity diet and it is only day 6 :frowning: Do I need to use milled flax seeds in the diet or can I use flax seed oil?

Well, sorry about the bro misnomer, the velocity diet will do that to you. i only survived it for 15 days. I broke down, damn near crying because my hamstrings wouldn’t stop cramping up and drove to the nearest Tubway to eat a foot long chicken breast sub. Its hardcore, you’ll get used to it.

I believe there is a difference between milled and oil and that the physique coaches have clearly stated milled flax seeds. That is if your following the V-Diet closely.

haha day 6? don’t worry it gets easier ~ just shut down your emotions and baser instincts and just auto-pilot and stick with the plan.

Its kinda of like the quote when shit hits the fan. It will hit the fan and when it does you just keep going and eventually you’ll get to the end. I promise ;p

A few tips :

Do not have discussions about your favorite food. If your loved ones, friends, or significant other decides to talk about food - walk away or ask them politely not to drive you insane.

Do not even think about googling images of your favorite food.

If you are confronted with food in your hands that you should not be eating, throw it into the dirt, or garbage can. Do not “think” about it.

The V-Diet is something you have to stick with to the end. Here is to your success! GODSPEED ~

hehe I always wanted to say that.

Thanks for the encouragement. I am on day 10 now and I feel much better, not craving anything–really. Can I eat the flaxseed with the peanut butter that I have to put in my last shake as flax and peanut butter balls or do I need to put them in the sake for some reason?

I dunno about this last one–I suppose you could eat them with the peanut butter–but the idea is to keep all the shakes about the same # of calories. No big and small meals really. I would recommend taking thoroughly ground flax seeds or flax seed meal for that reason. Whole seeds will totally not be well absorbed–you want the good fats inside.

Sake is now on the v-diet? oh how things change…


Flax meal beats flax oil because of the fiber. ESPECIALLY on the v-diet.

Flax meal beats flax seeds because your body won’t digest pass the husk of the flax to get at the good oils inside, just like Aragorn said.

The flax meal does not need to be in the shake specifically- it’s okay to put it on the side and down it by itself.

However, from your post, it seems like you’re eating all the flax at the end of the day. What you should be doing (and aragorn pointed out) is to spread out your servings of flax meal over a few meals. Not using them all at the end of …

oh wait, I think I see what… peanut butter at the end the day, right gotcha. Yeah, flax & peanut butter balls are cool. Actually, that’s a pretty nifty idea.

Good luck!

maybe your slightly anemic? try taking iron for a while see what happens (Y)

She is not anemic, she is on the velocity diet. She is in a state of Ketosis. And as her later posts show she adapted to it just as she is supposed to. The side effects of ketosis are being groggy, sluggish, mental fogginess especially since your brain needs glucose to function optimally and the glucose your body is able to create from amino acids through gluconeogenisis is just enough to keep you functioning so you have to rely on ketone bodies to help feed the nervous system.

Tough it out and good luck. Ketosis will get easier as you go along.