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Feeling Sluggish...And A Joke


Alrigthy i will get straight to the question, i was at the gym today and i was soo sluggish yet the past 4 days i have been at home not at the gym and i noticed if i take more than 2 days off at the gym the day i get back is horrible and i struggle to lift half of what i usually can...does anyone else have this problem and is this normal?


Ok soo at the gym today i wanted to do squats with a bar and deadlifts and i asked a trainer there to help me out and show me if im doing them right and he said my form wasnt good and i needed to push my ass back more...soo this was my first time attempting them and so i told him i would jsut need to get used to the form and i would be fine in a couple of weeks and he told me i should get a trainer because i needed one.....I was abit lost for words because this "trainer" was some shrinky man and he looks and i garentee is weaker than me is telling me to get a trainer for squats and deadlifts.....i was like wtf this is my first time doing these obviously i won't be doing.Also my foreamrs hurt when i do curls with dumbbells and other things can anyone tell me whats up witht hat is it because they r too weak?? And what r some ways of building up my forearms because i bet they r jus weak.

ooo ya and when i was int he shower i accidently used some guys towel to wipe my face...it was the same colour as my towel....i felt horrible and luckily he didn't see....and on an interesting note i found a gram of weed right under my locker.....a gift from above?? i dont know but it was a weird day for me.....thought i should share it.

thx for ur time guys hope to hear some adivce very soon.


u r weird, butt it seems like u had a cool day and really lucked out finding sum weed and shit.


Did you happen to smoke about a pound of bat shit before posting here? Seriously man, that made no fucking sense at all. That was the verbal equivilent of a bad acid trip.


That is kind of weird...have you tried avoiding smoking weed and sniffing glue for a significant period of time?

Haha, seriously, that was a hilarious post.


There seems to be a general movement away from basic sentence structure these days.
They can't be teaching this form of communication in high schools...

Can they?


No.... it's called not paying attention in class and getting high :wink:


BTW.... Where did you get that pic? The funniest damn thing I've ever seen. LOL....



duuudee, wer s my car?...


Perhaps this is what happens when every kid in class has a cell phone with text messaging.


Sorry guys I didn't know I was being checked on my spelling , grammar and punctuation. I will remember that for future posts. Also I smoked weed maybe 8 times in my life sooo if i came off as a drug head...(GLUE SNIFFING??? lmfao. good one) I can assure you I am just a normal teenager who doesn't put much effort into editting shit online also i don't think anyone gave me any advice on my forearms.....


Proffessor X I don't use my cellphone unless it's important and I have never sent a text message. Good Day.


...or a thesaurus...or a dictionary...or common english terminology...or a few warnings when school is out for the summer so we can prepare ourselves.


There is lots of ways to do forarm work.

My personal favorite being the farmers walk, as I require a great deal of grip strength for combat.


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Someone posted it on one of the threads in the Off-Topic forum! It was too good to pass up and comes in handy for those obscure posts...like the above! LOL!


If you feel sluggish after a break, then don't break from routine except for full recovery periods. Since you are young, those shouldn't be too often or too long.
Btw- Does anybody ever go out during thunderstorms and try to catch lightning bolts on their toung? Kinda like snowflakes, only spicier!


Tube steak boogie


somebody say weed?


I feel the same way if I take time off it is harder to be motivated.

One idea is to just be more organized: have a workout plan and then stick to it.