Feeling Sleepy

I am on a very low carb diet (lower than T-dawg) and noticed over the holiday week that any time I had lots of carbs (diet was off for the holiday) I would crash and fall sleep.

It is similar to eating a big dinner before the diet but I would feel almost like I was drunk.

Is that normal due to the restricted carbs (Insuling spike?) and the rapid carb loading during the holiday (pecan pie, pizza, etc.)?

I just want to make sure I am not f-ing up my body.

Thanks for the help.


P.S. How do you know if you are losing more fat than muscle while dieting? Is it the intensity or volume of workouts? These days I can’t get up to do Meltdown. Would something like Power Drive help?

I get the same thing whether I’m low carbing it or not. If I consume many simple carbs or sugar, I’ll soon want a nap. Many people here (including myself) have made outstanding progress using the new t-dawg V2.0 plan. Even with 100 carbs per day, fat loss was excellent and most of us actually gained muscle. These few carbs made the diet a whole lot easier to stick with, but didn’t stop any progress. The only way to know what your losing/keeping/gaining/ is by measuring bodyfat %. Calipers are the cheapest and easiest way, the electronic scales and devices are usually costly and rarely accurate.