Feeling Sleepy on Magnesium

My testosterone is suboptimal(500-600), 16-17ng/L free and I plan to start TRT in a few months.

But until then I want to optimize other hormones, vitamins and minerals like DHEA, pregnenolone etc.

When I took the last blood work I noticed my magnesium is on the bottom side, unlike my zinc which is at the top(maybe cuz I eat a lot of meat?).

Every time I’ve tried to supplement magnesium I feel very sleepy and groggy at the next morning, of course I take it before bed. I’ve tried citrate(very sleepy and groggy and aspartate).

I managed to stabilize myself with 1 pill of ZMA(150mg magnesium aspartate and 10mg zinc). Clearly I do not need more zinc but need more magnesium. So I ordered magnesium l-threonate which is said to be very efficiently absorbed due to passing blood-brain barrier and enhancing cognitive functions. The problem is the next day I still feel sleepy and like drunk.

Do you think this will pass in time and just stick by it? I’ve taken it for 8 days now. Or maybe I need to try other magnesium type or there is some problem due to which magnesium affects me in this way?

I know some who swear by magnesium as a sleep aid, but don’t think I’ve heard of anyone with the hung over feeling the next day. Maybe if effects you more because you are low? I’d ride it out for a few weeks and see if you adapt.

This is what I plan.

Is there magnesium that does not make you sleepy, maybe glycinate?

This l-threonate is said to be the top absorbtion kind and is much more expensive than the others

Have you tried magnesium oil that you spray on your skin?

No because I think cannot be dosed precisely

Uh… okay.