Feeling Sleepy Immediately After Pinning

How come I feel so sleepy every time I pin pharma Sust? This happened the last time (6 months ago I did a short trial run) and now as well. After the first pin 2 days ago, I felt sleepy immediately just 1-2 hours after the shot. Today morning, same thing. Woke up fresh, then 1-2 hours after pinning I can’t keep my eyes open. I’m certain that the very fast acting Prop and Isoprop is what causes this effect but what can be the reason? I’ve never heard about this happening to anyone…

Any ideas?

Its probably in your head or just something else. Nothing that you inject actually gets into blood SO fast. And if its prop then it’s in you much longer than 2 hours so you would be sleepy the whole day.

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It is happening the whole day that day. My eyes get that heavy feeling and I have to drink coffees one after the other to stay awake somehow. I start to feel the tiredness about 2 hours after the shot, I guess that’s when the Prop begins to kick in.

As I stated, that was my previous experience as well. Actually, that’s how I know the stuff is doing its job, it makes me extremely tired. Bloodwork showed Test already reached its max level after only 5 days when I pinned the same Sust 6 months ago.

It’s happening and I want to know the reason because I always hear how it energizes everyone, makes them motivated, etc. Why not me?

Have you had a cardiac workup?

How would anyone here know… If that is because of test its like once in a lifetime case.

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