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Feeling Sick

After a hard workout I always feel like I’m going to get sick. I use a pre-workout drink for energy but still feel sick after my workout. Any suggestions?

Try to drink a protein shake immediately after your workout, and eat a solid meal with 60 minutes of when you finish training. Hopefully that will alleviate the sick feeling you are having.

I train in the mornings, and I used to be the same way, but I found that if I have a protein shake and eat solid food afterwards I feel much better almost immediately.

Make sure you’re getting carbs after working out. Whenever I don’t get carbs my blood sugar level gets destroyed, and I feel like crap.

thx for the replies

I completely understand what you mean–after years of trying to figure out how to prevent myself from getting VERY sick to my stomach and lightheaded after a hard workout(especially on leg day), I STILL don’t feel too great on my most brutal training days.

Definitely agree with the above advice; just wanted to add that the one thing I feel has helped me personally the most, is a serving of Surge about 30 minutes prior to training, and one (or sometimes two servings) immediately post-workout.

Good luck to you; keep us updated!

I use to have this problem.

I just started drinking more water about an hour before time to train.