Feeling Sick Before Seeing Progress

Y’all are welcome to think I’m a lunatic!
But can anyone explain this or have similar experience?
The day before I get a noticeable increase in size and/or strength I feel like I’m getting the flu–nauseous, cold, lethargic and sometimes headache…
Not on a program. So sometimes it’s 2 times a year and other years it’s every 8 weeks for a while…

I don’t really know how to interpret this post but none the less, keep it up. I’ve never really noticed a difference in size for myself but strength difference is noticeable in my regard. Some of my best lifts or “strength increases” have happened when I’ve been sick or just “not feeling it” and go for a 1 rep PR or max rep attempt. Sometimes it just happens in the strangest manner.

Hey, Jay Cutler was sick as a dog before he won the Olympia (he was quiet about it because he didn’t want people thinking he was making excuses before the actual judging)… If you ask me, it was a good trade off :slight_smile:


I have a general idea what might be going on but it is all speculation on my part since I have zero idea what you are doing in the gym. I have two questions for clarification.

  1. By chance before you fall off the cliff and start feeling worn down and ill… would you say that your intensity or volume are slightly higher for an extended period? At least compared to what it might be normally, during any other given period?
  2. When you do notice that your worn down …do you either back off slightly on either volume or intensity for a short period? Or even decrease frequency or possibly take off a few days before you notice an increase of size or strength?
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Nope, never experienced this. I have had good training sessions while I’ve had colds or the flu, probably because it’s forced me to get more sleep. Any time I’ve broken a meaningful PR I always felt incredible though.

I imagine most bb’ers don’t feel too hot when they’re onstage…what about you? I’ve been dieting pretty hard for 2 months now and I don’t feel too great, so I can’t imagine how terrible I’d feel towards the end of a full contest prep. I’m probably still 12 wks away from stage condition LOL.

Great questions but no to 1 and no to 2… i wouldn’t call it “worn down” I know what that is, too…it’s more “crap I hope this isn’t contagious” but it’s just 6-12 hours long and then I remember the cartoon the hulk when I go work out or look in the mirror. Ha. No. Maybe I’m a lunatic …

I hit everything hard Monday’s and Thursday’s…revisit stuff(dif excercises) Tuesday’s and Friday’s make sure I really crushed everything. Swim and stretch wed. Off on weekends. Now that I’m typing this maybe this hulk thing happens on fridays or Saturday’s…

Well it was just sounding like you might have been hitting a over reaching state and your body is hitting a super compensation phase. Which is not a bad thing