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Feeling Sick After PWO Shake?


Whenever I take a serving of Surge after I lift, I feel a bit nauseated, almost dizzy like.

Is it because I take it on an empty stomach?
Is it the scoop of Creatine (Biotest Brand) I add?
Is it the 4 BCAA pills I take w/ it?

Or something else?



Could be some type of low blood sugar from training on an empty stomach. How long is it between training and the meal prior? I'd expect it to be a factor of your training and food timing.

Surge is essentially protein and sugar (that's way simplified), so there's no reason it should make you feel weird.

Also, are you using the proper serving size for your bodyweight? Make sure you're using the right number of scoops, and try adding even more water into it.

Are you new to using creatine or BCAAs?


I get this too sometimes, very mildly. I always thought it was due to the quick uptake of the Surge, and the release of hormones thereafter lead to the feeling and a sign that the Surge was working.

Either way, it doesn't last very long for me, but I have a solid meal about 30-45min after the PWO.

BTW, I have a P/F meal before training most of the time.