Feeling Sick After Injecting, Sustanon/Deca

hi all.
i have a curious question.did it happen to anyone that after injecting testosterone you feel sick? like pain in the legs ,a bit feverish (like flu synthomps. this is not my first cycle,actually this happen at the end of the cycle .9 shots where fine and the last shot was a nightmare.i opened another (new 10ml sustanon bottle) and again 1st shot a nightmare.this happens 4 hrs after injecting.

can some one help me please?

Sounds like test flu. Its mostly the gear you have has a high concentration of BA. Problem with this is that it can def cause the symptoms your describing. Good thing is that body should adjust to it and it get better. Bad part is that it might not and you may just have to suck life for a few weeks finishing up the cycle.