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Feeling Shutdown/Sick on Peptides

First of al, I used gear for over 18 months once, and I recovered quite quick and even got my lady pregnant 7 months later after my last clomid dose. During PCT I never lost my libido or erections, but maybe did just for two days on a weekend I remember, other than that I didnt feel bad but I did have some episodes of feeling dread or low at night time but I can point at clomid on this, including the floaters. I only used 12.5mg eod as well, but I did blast 2000 ui hcg every other day for three week before the easters of the sustanon cleared.

I used tren ace, npp, sus, test e, test p, dbols, tbols during that 18 months. Even went to one gram of sus for a few months.

What made me amazed is I just started training few months ago and I have been much stronger naturally than on the juice. I went from benching 14 kg dumbells, to 48kg dumbells in 4 months, all natural and cleared of any clomid or any other substance.

Is there a reason why I feel much stronger natural than on juice, did the juice bring me to my natural limit or faster.

Also, I recently I have been using Peptides GHRP 6, and I can say it made me ill and made me feel shutdown, when I come off it, I feel normal and excited to go to the gym- also feel ill all the time, with cough and a cold…I get green phelgm which means my body is fighting something, every time I go back on GHRP 6.

Is this normal.

Does anyone here experience anything similer with peptides???

Btw- on gear I was from 94 kg to 108kg…off gear I have gone from 93 to 115kg

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Any product that gives you neg sides that you can’t deal with, you either need to reduce the dose( if possible), or stop using it if reduction doesn’t bring it to tolerable levels.
That’s a strong reaction to clomid, if you got floaters on only 12.5mg EOD. Have you tries nolvadex instead?
Some people just don’t react well to particular drugs.

If you are 4 months off a long cycle, then you should have retained a large proportion of the strength you had developed whilst on.
I don’t really understand why you started off at 14kg db bench, if you have a history of steroid use. Did you have a long layoff, or a shoulder injury, and build back up to 48kg?

GHRP6 is supposed to make you very hungry, energetic, and aids sleep (for a lack of better description it is supposed to mimic GH and maybe a little insulin). Here’s shocking news - if you bought your stuff online and it’s making you sick, its VERY likely just not GHRP6. Peptides are a lot more expensive than people think to make (compare an online peptide store that sells IGF1 for $100 to a pharmacy one that sells for $1500 at least…pretty unlikely the first one is real).
Just stop using it. If you have a hard time finding real peptides then a small dose of GH (as low as 2iu per day) should accomplish what you’re looking for from the peptide.
Be safe - this stuff shouldn’t make you sick.

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Been on mk677 25mg/day, 12.5mg night 12.5mg morning and feeling good so far…