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Feeling Shaky, Dizzy, Depressed on Sustanon

im on my first cycle ever of Sustanon 250 3 weeks into my cycle, injections 2x per week (500mg wk) and up until now i’ve felt fantastic… great pump, energy, sense of well being but now im feeling horribly depressed, shaky, and like im going to pass out for the past 3 days and cant live like this… I tested my blood sugar when i felt dizzy on an empty stomach and it was low (76) but have never had problems like this before. Do I discontinue and PCT now or cycle off slowly and PCT?

30 yrs.
14% BF
Working out 5x per week for 10 years and very clean nutrition

I am sorry to hear that you feel bad . Was the vial sealed when you bought it . Are you certain it is sustanon .

What is your blood pressure like before and now and how is your estrogen control. Are you taking anything for estrogen? It sounds like high estrogen causing problems including high blood pressure, or at least a noticable spike from what your body is used to.

Mr Gymfreak: Apparently according to your own analysis anabolic steroids seem to give you an adversion? I believe as a result of reading every piece of garbage in regards to side affects people freak themselves out and imagine every conceivable symptom conceivable.
What’s the use in using steroids on one hand and being a DRAMA _QUEEN on the other? Bro:go see a medical dr. incase their is a legitimate concern. goodluck john

After seeing the doc over the weekend he perscribed me Lisinipril 10mg to control the blood pressure. all blood tests came back normal but the blood pressure was 163/112… I dropped my dosage of Sustanon 250 to 1/2 ml wk divided into two injections because the doc said the testosterone levels hit my bloodstream too quickly and elevated mt blood levels too rapidly.

I haven’t taken anything to control the estrogen yet but have PCT on hand (Clomid/Novladex) should I start the Novla to see if it helps the symptoms or stop the cycle?