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Feeling on 1200+ng/ml vs 500ng/ml?

Does someone whos T level is 1200ng/dl actually feel better then someone who has 500-600ng/dl?

Highly individual, there’s a lot of factors that go I to it.

Maybe. Some guys feel worse, but that’s because they have other issues. I don’t feel any different really between the two. I was briefly at 2100 accidentally - that felt great.

You forgot to put accidentally in quotes. It is easy to accidentally be at 2000+ ng/dL for 10-12 weeks. Seems to happen to the pharma guys all the time.

LOL. No, when I started I only had 250mg amps and a 23 ga syringe that came with it. I was planning 200mg a week, so I figured (as you do) what the heck. How much difference could that really make? It’s only 50mg…

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I was just joking. For the typical guy what performance difference do you think there is between say 150 mg a week and 250 mg a week on average of course? I think these forums see all the guys with issues, but my gut feeling is that most would feel good on 250 mg a week, and not have too high of red blood cell count, or other sides. My gut feeling comes from various individuals who say they feel good cruising on anywhere from 500 mg to 1000 mg a week. I am sure that is not healthy, even if they don’t have sides, but they feel good.

Was on TRT through Defy. Got sick of numerous hoops I had to jump though. Found I could secure Test E in person, and decided to self medicate. I was on 150 mg/wk (got me to about 1000 ng/dL) when with Defy, but I am thinking of doing somewhere in the 200-250 mg/wk dose.

I was 610 pre TRT… High SHBG… my first blood test i was 1100 ng/dl and this last one i was nearly 1500 ng/dl. The difference for me is night and day from those numbers to how i felt at 610. Every aspect of my life has improved significantly.

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In Strongman, particularly top Ams and Pro’s, the “Cruise” was a gram of your favourite test. That was the baseline for many. Some guys seemed fine and are still living productive lives (AFAIK). However, a lot of guys dropped dead of “Congenital heart failure”. So, how you feel isn’t everything, and there is a price to pay - at least anecdotally - for high dose cruising.

No plans to ever cruise over 250 mg a week. My friend that cruises on a gram is actually on a 300/700 Test and EQ split. I have told him he needs to drop his dose to under 500 mg a week (he needs to go lower than that, but I don’t think I can convince him of it).

Personally, it does seem to feel pretty good around the 1000 mark. I’ve been progressively dropping my Test E dose because a little seems to go a really long way. I mentioned in another thread that I started on 250mg a week as my natural levels were so low (the equivalent of 197ng/dl, which felt awful). 250 a week took me to 3098ng/dl (blood drawn 2 days post injection) and it felt absolutely awful - anxiety, mood swings, horrific acne and I couldn’t sleep. It’s down to around 80-90mg/week now (injecting every 2 days) and this, per corresponding blood test, had me at 1268ng/dl even 4 days after injecting as I’d had to miss a shot). So yes 1200 feels pretty good but God knows I don’t want to go any higher and in fact, it’s interesting hearing the guy who founded Bulletproof Coffee talking about his preference for being 'around the 600ng/dl mark by choice). I’m still looking to drop my dose to about 75mg/week in the hope of maintaining around 1000ng/dl - and I’d encourage others to find that ‘sweet spot’, as I read of so many others here taking e.g. 200mg/week and that would be, for me, almost like taking steroids given how I seem to respond and the fact I got every bad side effect in the book.

My pre-TRT levels were around 500 and when I was put on a once a week protocol my levels were 1000 at trough. After getting through the initial crap phase and stopping AI usage I felt remarkably better most of the week. I’ve since switched to around the same dose but doing more frequent injections and feel good throughout the week. It’s not like a high from a drug or the feeling you get when on a steroid cycle but more of a better sense of well-being and drive. Sort of like depression vs not being depressed.

I did feel really good on 325 mg a week, which makes me think 200-250 mg is going to be my TRT. Right now doing 75, 75, 87.5 mg on MWF (little more on F as it needs to last an extra day). The Anavar made me feel worse, and I really don’t think it did much more than that, I was really hoping it would be awesome as it is so mild. I think just running higher test would have worked better.

I tried Anavar for two weeks until my dick stopped working. Dropped that shit like a bad habit.

During my stint I had one instance of not finishing. Libido went down (might have been part of the not finishing issue). I won’t run it in the future.

Interesting exchange right there on Anavar - and timely too; not tried AAS yet but am always reading in ‘Pharma’ about how Anavar is the “mild” one to run well alongside TRT (and because we don’t have to run a PCT). Still minded to try it soon but definitely good to temper the enthusiasm a bit.