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Feeling Oil in Arm a Week Later

Really appriciate some advise here.

So last week I injected my shoulder, I felt at one point I wasn’t pushing in enough, since then when I left my arm I feel like I can feel some under my skin, its kinda spread a bit.

Has anyone else had this? What should I do I feel like it’s just hanging around under the skin.

Amateur move I know…

A lot of people get an inflammation reaction with SubQ injections. On rare cases it can be an infection.

How much volume did you inject? Is it red and painful? Is it hot to the touch?

I had a small abscess in my glute once from pinning it too frequently, it hurt like hell and was very swollen and red, I just left it alone for a couple weeks and it went away on its own. I wouldn’t use that injection site until it has cleared up, I imagine it will on it’s own in a little bit of time.

I injected a mil, it’s a little warm.

Not sore, just feels weird when I raise my arm, ill keep and eye on the colour and temp, if it gets infected what should I do?

Depends on how bad, I suppose, but go see a doctor would be the standard advice. Might need a course of antibiotics or have it drained if it becomes an abcess.

A full ml in the delts can take a little longer to spread out and disseminate, I suppose. It’s never happened to me, but it doesn’t sound terribly alarming.

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Thanks guys :+1: