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Feeling of Roids?

ive never juiced and i wanna hear some personal experiences of how it feels to be on roids cause the idea of it gets me pumped (i heard they make you feel like god). are there noticeable effects on how you feel? does the pump get crazier? have different roids made you feel differently? hope this isnt a dumb question…

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I don’t think I feel much different on steroids. Just easier to gain muscle.

[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
It is a dumb question, sorry.

But I’m bored so I’ll humour you :wink:

Testosteron is THE male hormone, yes? Well imagine that you boosted your own levels to about 5-10 times normal. How do you think that might make you feel? Strong, confident, ‘alpha’ for want of a better word.

Imagine that by doing this, you never had ‘off days’ where you struggle to train and you feel emotional and weak, vulnerable. That would be quite nice too eh?

However, if you are the kind of emotionally weak person who gets angry a lot and feeds off that anger, doing asshole stuff then you can expect this to be amplified by steroids, some worse than others. But having said that, if you are the kind of ‘angry’ person who DOES know how to control yourself, then you might find (as I have done) that steroids make you a chilled out sumbitch, because you have the inner security and confidence that now lets you recognise the little shit for what it is, and you can just let it go, quite happily.

Physique-wise, consider that your muscles develop a ‘pumped’ look and may also appear more vascular too. In the gym, your muscle do get even more pumped up than when natural and the pump lasts longer.

But if you don’t really know what you are doing, training and nutrition-wise, then your foray into the world of steroids is ill-advised. You will experience quick gain which will be lost again once you come off, because you don’t have the ‘content’ to back yourself up, when not on the juice.

By the look of your avatar, you have some way to go before you need to think about using gear. Age 23-25 with 3 years minimum of solid, consistent training, would be a minimum requirement in my book.

You also need to know your shit about steroids and steroid cycle design, since if you come here, expecting to be spoonfed, we will tell you to bugger off and do some research.


He lies he just wants to keep the “secret” for himself. AAS make you feel and look like the HULK.


If you come from the camp of lower test then average. Then they will make you feel like an enhanced version of you. Back to a good version of yourself.

Now if you push past this you will get something like BBB describes.